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Christmas Free Gifts Terms and Conditions

on Dec 07, 2018

Free Grinder

Christmas is just around the corner and its time to start thinking about what presents you are buying for your friends and family. We have put together a Christmas Gift Guide to make your present buying easier. The Gift Guide has four different categories of gift ideas plus our top selling vaporizers. Be sure to check out the stocking filler section, where everything is under $50! You're sure to find a bargain in there!

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The Best Portable Vaporizers in New Zealand

on Dec 03, 2018


Choosing the right vaporizer for you can be an imposing task. There are many factors in what makes a good vape stand out. Thankfully there are dedicated content writers ready to write up handy guides to help you choose your perfect vaporizer.

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The Best Desktop Vaporizers 2018

on Nov 30, 2018

Volcano Vaporizer

Lets takes a look back to 2018 and see which desktop vaporizers trumped the market this year. Apart from the obvious disadvantage of being stationary, desktop vaporizers are a force to be reckoned with.

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The Best Conduction Vaporizers in New Zealand

on Nov 28, 2018

Pax 3

Since the popularisation of convection heating flooded the vaporizer market, conduction heat has been unfairly maligned as an outdated, cheap and ineffective heating source - and this could not be further from the truth.

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Black Friday - Terms and Conditions

on Nov 21, 2018

Black Friday

In preparation for the sale of the year, please find the terms and conditions of the Black Friday 2018 sale.

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4 Common Vaping Rumours - FACT or MYTH?

on Nov 21, 2018

Volcano Vaporizer

Though it may not feel like it, dry herb vaporizers are still a relatively new phenomenon, they aren’t as ubiquitous as some of us inside the scene may think at first. This newness is the perfect environment for hearsay and rumour to thrive. Of course, the majority of these rumours are obviously false, but a handful are sneakier than that and much more believable. So, today we’re going to be doing a bit of good, old-fashioned mythbusting.

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DaVinci MIQRO - Coming Soon

on Nov 16, 2018


As I’m sure you already know, DaVinci is one of the biggest names in the vaping industry at the moment. They have already designed one of the best sellers of 2018, The DaVinci IQ and they’re back to spoil us even MORE, with the DaVinci MIQRO. What’s the difference you ask?

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History of Vaporizers: A sneak peek into the industrial history?

on Nov 12, 2018

NamasteVapes New Zealand

Vaporizers are the new dry-herb craze, their growth has been unstoppable, but their journey dates back years. A vaporizers purpose is to vaporize the herbs that is placed within it. The herbs that are consumed serve medical, recreational and health properties. Much like the array of purposes herb serves, there is an array of ways herb can be consumed; the oldest of which being smoking. But making its way through the ranks is none other than vaping!

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How to Clean the DaVinci IQ - 4 Easy Steps

on Nov 09, 2018


The best way to keep your DaVinci IQ functioning as good as the day you first got it is to make sure you always keep it clean. We here at NamasteVapes want to make sure you're informed of how to maintain your vape. So we've put together 4 easy steps to clean and maintain your DaVinci IQ.

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Conduction v. Convection Vaping – let's break it down!

on Nov 04, 2018

NamasteVapes Blog

So you’re looking to get yourself a brand new vaporizer but you keep seeing the words ‘convection’ and ‘conduction’ everywhere. What’s the difference? Is one better than the other? Is the other actually a booby trap designed to root out the newbies? Good questions, paranoid reader, but don’t worry because below we’re going to give you a quick overview of what's what so that you no longer have such vague, suspicion-fueled questions. Read on to learn more.

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The Ultimate Cleaning Guide - PAX New Zealand

on Oct 25, 2018


 All 3 generations of Pax have impressive heat-up times, and are famous for producing tasty vapor. PAX Vaporizers have taken the Vaping market by storm, and has been the best sellers for 2017, 2018 and we predict 2019 also! If you haven't already joined the movement, then what are you waiting for? Shop Pax here

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3 Great Ideas For Vaporizer Halloween Costumes

on Oct 20, 2018

NamasteVapes Halloween

Do you need a good idea for this year's Halloween costume? Don't worry, we have you covered - keep reading for some outstanding vape-inspired costume ideas, along with the best devices to use with them this Halloween.

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Top 5 Best Herbs to Vape for a Healthier Lifestyle!

on Oct 10, 2018

Namaste Vapes

We here at NamasteVapes New Zealand are always trying and testing new ways to achieve a healthier lifestyle through vaporizing. This week we’ve been testing the best herbs to vaporize and we have come up with a list of the tastiest, and most accessible herbs as well as their health benefits.

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How to Clean Your Mighty Vaporizer

on Oct 09, 2018

How to clean your Mighty Vaporizer | NamasteVapes New Zealand

The Mighty vaporizer is one of the best vapes on the market and if you’re shelling out that kind of money you don’t want to be getting substandard vapor. The quickest way to get the worst vapor possible is to never clean or take care of it. But you’re not that kind of person, which is why you’re here. A little maintenance goes a long way towards keeping that grime and dirt to a minimum and keeping your Mighty vaporizer in peak performance.

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Excitement is stacking up for the Totem

on Oct 01, 2018

Namaste Vapes NZ

Self-described as the “Chief of all vapes”, the Totem was inspired by great ancient monumental carvings of First Nations around the world. As the world’s first stackable vape, sociability was paramount to the design of this vape – encouraging you and friends to push your sessions to new heights and see just how far you can go (totem limbo anyone?).

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Namaste Vapes NZ – Best Vapes, Best Prices

on Sep 28, 2018

Namaste Vapes New Zealand

Here at Namaste Vapes we want to offer you the best customer experience possible. From choosing what vaporizer to after-sales help, we intend on serving you for every aspect of your customer journey. Our goal here at Namaste Vapes is to remain one of New Zealand's (and the worlds) best vaporizer su

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Breaking down some Myths about Vaporizers

on Sep 26, 2018

Namaste Vapes New Zealand

When you buy a high quality vaporizer, it may feel like a lot of expense at first – but consider the fact that the life span of most vapes is years long (with brands like Pax offering a whopping ten year warranty on their vaporizers), and if you look after your device properly you could be happily vaping away for years to come.

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3 Life Hacks You Didn't Know for Your Mighty Vaporizer

on Sep 17, 2018


Mighty Vaporizer

Everyone loves life hacks. There is a global cottage industry that works hard to find newer and ever more impractical ways to shave minutes off of the little everyday tasks that we have to put up with every day. Of course, every single one of them isn’t totally useless, some of them can make actual incremental improvements to your life, and all these add up. Check Out these 3 Killer Life hacks that You probably do not know for your Mighty Vaporizer!!!

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New Zealand Medical Cannabis Company get Cultivation License

on Sep 16, 2018

Medical Cannabis Company get cultivation license blog NV NZ

Rotorua based company Hikurangi Cannabis has been granted a cultivation license for medicinal Cannabis plants. The license was issued on behalf of the Ministry of Health. This allows Hikurangi the power to breed cannabis strains that could eventually be used for medical purposes.   

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Healthy Rips Fury 2 Vaporizer | Review & Tutorial

on Sep 07, 2018

Healthy rips Fury 2 review

If you’re thinking of using the Fury 2 as a Dry Herb Vaporizer, you’re in for a treat. It’s stylish appearance, as well as all its added gadgets and gizmos, have excited masses of customers. Moreover, when we decided to discover for ourselves whether it really does live up to all the hype around it, we were more than impressed.

Check out our new Healthy Rips Fury 2 Vaporizer Review along with a Tutorial!!

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