3 Common Reasons Why Your Vaporizer Isn’t Working & How to Fix It

on Sep 04, 2018

It Might Be You, Not Your Vaporizer!!!

You’ve purchased your vaporizer, jumped through the loops of learning how to use the bad boy and now? Well, now, you consider yourself pretty darn good at using that vaporizer. If it’s a well-designed unit like the DaVinci IQ (our personal fave) then you shouldn’t encounter too many problems, however, if you do own a high preforming unit and are getting less than satisfactory vapor quality, there its possible the onus is on you. Sorry to break it to you, mate, it’s you not the vaporizer. There could be a few common mistakes you’re making, but don’t worry, they’re called common for a reason! Beginners and veterans alike make them.


Inhaling properly is fundamental to vaping dry herbs. Remember, that vaping is very different to smoking! Long and fast draws or short puffs should absolutely be avoided. To inhale a vaporizer, you should take slow and careful pulls from your vapor to draw the vapor out. Vaping dry herbs is much more potent than smoking and can be absorbed within 5 seconds, which is great news and you don’t have to hold the vapor in like you do when you’re smoking. Stop hurting those lungs and vape on!


Temperature is probably the must important aspect of vaping. The temperature can make or break your sesh. It is recommended (if you are vaping some sweet herbs) to keep the temps between 356-392F. However, you’ll want to experiment to find your ideal setting. Vaporizing disallows the process of combustion from occurring, so, you herbs will never burn; which is healthier, cleaner and better for you!


Those who are use to combustion methods like a pipe, rolling and smoking or water pipe tend to pack their herb into the chamber too tightly. You may be thinking “yeah but bro, if I pack the herbs in tight, I can get a thicker hit and longer sesh” which is wrong when it comes to vaping. The opposite is true when you’re vaping. Packing the chamber too tight will only end up with less vapor and can lead to your herb browning too much and too quickly resulting in a short sesh. Packing the chamber loosely leaves room for air to dance through the herbs giving you some tasty and potent vapor. Pack tightly, but not too tightly.

Vape on

These are all pretty common mistakes made by everyone. But hopefully, you take my advice, so you can enhance that vaping sesh tenfold. Happy vaping fellow Kiwis!

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