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3 Great Ideas For Vaporizer Halloween Costumes

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Namaste NZ 20/10/2018

Do you need a good idea for this year's Halloween costume? Don't worry, we have you covered - keep reading for some outstanding vape-inspired costume ideas, along with the best devices to use with them this Halloween.

Elon Musk

Recently Elon Musk got into a jam after announcing he was planning on privatizing the company and be charging $420 per share - apparently that was a joke to try to impress the musician Grimes, his girlfriend. The company's stock plunged, sending many shareholders shaking in their boots.

Then Musk made a controversial appearance when he went onto the Joe Rogan Experience podcast with an Occupy Mars t-shirt on, smoking a joint, and drinking whisky, where he sort of technically violated the Tesla company code of Business and Ethics that states he is prohibited from using any illegal drugs while he is at work (which since during the podcast he was presenting himself as Tesla's CEO, that he was). Whether Musk broke the company rules or not, the appearance resulted in numerous memes being spread and terrified Tesla shareholders who were already anxious, even further.

So, if you are searching for a timely and fairly easy costume for this Halloween, you just need a stiff whisky, Occupy Mars t-shirt, your favorite vape, and a facial expression similar to the hand-to-chin, thinking face emoji.

Although any vape will do, we recommend something cutting edge and sleek like the DaVinci IQ. Its Smart Paths technology and 360 degree conduction heating, makes it sort of the Tesla of vapes.

It would be fairly easy to DIY the actual t-shirt, but if arts and crafts is really not our thing Etsy conveniently has an Occupy Mars t-shirt listed as "Elon Musk Occupy Mars Tshirt / Space Exploration Shirt / Joe Rogan Podcast Shirt for Teenager Wife Husband Brother Sister Mom Dad Gift"

Thomas the Vape Engine

Whoever created this costume is an absolute visionary.

We aren't sure what ergonomics were used to make this piece of art (we guess some kind of cardboard paper towel tubing?). However, if you are an especially talented amateur sculptor, then try making a Thomas the Tank Engine wearable suit that comes with its own vapor path chimney.

Given that you will dressed up as a train, our recommendation is that you choose a vape that produces thick, large clouds. Crafty is very portable, and its smart convection energy provides you with thicker clouds and dense vapor.

Cruella de Vil

To embody Cruella de Vil's deliciously evil spirit isn't for the meek and mild (she gets her name literally from the devil), but she is among the most widely recognized Disney villains of all time - so you won't have to spend all night long answering "who are you?" It will require you to achieve two-tone monochrome hair, through a really bad spray-hair-color job, dedicated hair colorist, or wearing a wig (take the easy path and buy a wig).
You can find Cruella de Vil costumes readily available online. However, if you want to take a DIY approach, just cover yourself in Dalmation black-and-white print and plenty of faux fur (it might not be true to character, but we don't endorse innocent puppies being skinned to make a Halloween costume). It is also critical to have some red accents such as heels, elbow length gloves, and a skinny long cigarette holder. We recommend selecting a sleek dab pen for your vape - a DynaVap 2018 will work great, but you can be guided by your own tastes.

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