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4 Common Vaping Rumours - FACT or MYTH?

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Namaste NZ 21/11/2018

Though it may not feel like it, dry herb vaporizers are still a relatively new phenomenon, they aren’t as ubiquitous as some of us inside the scene may think at first. This newness is the perfect environment for hearsay and rumour to thrive. Of course, the majority of these rumours are obviously false, but a handful are sneakier than that and much more believable. So, today we’re going to be doing a bit of good, old-fashioned mythbusting.

Volcano Vaporizer

1. Vaping Stinks - MYTH!

Herb is very well known for having a uniquely distinctive smell. If you don’t store it properly the smallest exposure to the open air can linger for hours, can stick to your hair and even your clothes. It should be no surprise that many herb fans put effort into suppressing or banishing that smell. So, it’s natural to assume that diffusing herb vapor directly into the air will create a pungent funk that will never go away.

We’re just gonna put this out there: vapor simply does not hang in the air the same way that smoke does. Why? because vapor isn’t anywhere near as dense as smoke, which means that after a few minutes that it diffuses into the air. That’s not to say that there’s no smell, you simply needn’t worry about it lingering in your hair, clothes, or house.

2. Vaping isn't as powerful as Combustion - MYTH!

Since the dawn of humanity there has been a consistent thought that fire = strong. While a hit from a blunt is going to feel stronger than a hit from a vape, this isn’t because a vape is somehow less potent. Vaporizers work by manipulating of the boiling temperatures of the active ingredients found in herb. When you take a hit from a vape you’re inhaling the same ingredients as you would from any conduction-based heating method. The main differentiating factors is the concentration of the chemicals; a hit from a blunt might have a higher concentration of active ingredients but it will also come with harsh smoke, tar, and other toxins. 

3. It wastes your herb - MYTH!

If you’re much like us, then when you look at a packed bowl you assume that everything in that bowl will be put to use, after all, by the end of your session there’s nothing but ash left. When you fill a vape how do you know that all your herb is being put to good use? After all, when you use it up there’s still a lot of stuff remaining in the chamber.

Vapes are actually a lot more efficient than combustion when it comes to preserving your herb. None of it will be burnt off into the air, nearly all of it will be converted into vapor. It becomes even more efficient when you grind your herb before putting it into your vape.

4. It makes your hits taste like burnt popcorn - MYTH!

Some people complain that hits from a vape tastes of burnt popcorn. If you taste burnt popcorn then your herb is used up. All the active ingredients are gone and it’s now time to switch it out for a fresh batch. Once you do that you can sit back and enjoy the tasty flavour of your herb again.

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