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5 Reasons Vaporizers Are Healthier Than Traditional Smoking

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CSR Team 20/07/2017

There are those in the New Zealand herb scene who remain somewhat skeptical of the advantages of vaporizers as a way to enjoy your favorite herb blends. Vaporizers are healthier, but the main point of contention seems to be the fact that vaping doesn’t look as ‘cool’ as joints, are you really willing to give up all those advantages over a perceived image issue? If that’s really an issue for you then I’m sorry, we can’t help you. For the rest of you, however read on for five great reasons why a vaporizer has the edge over traditional smoking.


1. No acrid smoke

The first obvious advantage is in the name: 'Vaporizer', it vapes. They use heating elements, either conduction or convection to heat up your herb and release its active ingredients in the form of a smooth and easy vapor. This spares your lungs and throat from the harsh damaging smoke released by combustion. We’ve all felt it, after a night of revelry and a bit of over-indulgence in your herbs of choice you wake up to a mouth with a topography similar to that of the Shadowlands of Mordor. This is unpleasant but you’re also doing lasting damage to your lungs and throat, over the years this can lead to respiratory problems, stained teeth, and throat damage.

Vapor will do none of this to you, it’s simply a mix of water, cannabinoids, and hot air. It’s a smoother hit that you can indulge in as much as you want without any negative effects or long term damage!

2. No carcinogens

Another problem with joints, bongs, and pipes is that their combustion can release a host of toxic carcinogens into your body, and they can totally kill you. Joints are particularly harmful due to their toxic tobacco and herb blend. Long term one in three people contract cancer from prolonged exposure to tobacco smoke.

If you’re using a vaporizer right then you’re not going to have to worry about combustion. The vaporisation process omits all of the carcinogenic compounds and tar. However if you allow your vaporizer to become clogged or turn the heating element up too high then it can create a hotspot in your chamber, which can lead to combustion. This will release all of the carcinogens you’re trying to avoid. Make sure you keep your vaporizer clean with a small brush and some cleaning solution, and make sure you don’t over pack your chamber or push the heating elements too hard.

3. Selectable Cannabinoids

Vaporizers work by taking advantage of the boiling temperatures of the different active ingredients in your dry herb. By adjusting the heat in your unit’s chamber you can control what sort of chemicals you’re ingesting, letting you adjust your high to suit your personal tastes! To ensure you know what you’re toking and at what temperature we’ve compiled this handy chart!

157 °C/ 314°F - THC is released, it’s properties include pain relief and euphoria.

175°C/ 347°F - Delta 8 THC is released, it has antinausea effects.

180°C/ 356°F - CBD is released, it is an  anticonvulsant, antipsychotic, and doesn’t induce a high like other ingredients do.

185°C/ 365°F - CBN is released, it has a sedative effect.

220°C/ 428°F - CBN is released, it has anti-inflammatory and antiviral effects, and it may have some antifungal properties, too. It is also thought to enhance the pain killing effects of dry herb.

220°C/ 428°F-  THCV is released, this compound seems to mitigate the effects of THC somewhat, but that is still disputed!

230°C/ 446°F - Combustion occurs, your herb is now burning, releasing carcinogens and going to waste!

4. It’s Cheaper

Speaking of going to waste your herb is constantly wasted when you burn it in a joint or in a bong, combustion is particularly wasteful because all the herb you don’t smoke is burnt up and released into the air! A vaporizer however will ensure that not a drop of your herb goes to waste. Between hits the vapor lingers in your chamber and air path. Also thanks to the way the heating elements work the greater the surface area of your herb the more vapor will be released! To increase your dry herb’s surface area all you have to do is crush it down in a grinder.

5. Better For Your Privacy

Vaporizers don’t produce lingering clouds of pungent smoke in the same ways that joints and bongs do, so you needn’t worry about a lingering scent giving away what you’re enjoying with your device. There is a smell in the vapor, but it doesn't linger in the air or sink into your hair and clothes. Some vaporizers like the Da Vinci IQ come with a stealth mode that turn off all the LEDs on the unit, ensuring even more privacy.

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