5 Ways To Optimize The Flavor Of Your Vaporizer

on Oct 22, 2017

Vaporizers are the healthiest and cleanest way to enjoy your herb, but for the real aficionados of the NZ vaporizer scene flavour is king. If you invest in high quality herb you’re going want to ensure that you get the most out of that great flavour. Vaporizers guarantee you high quality flavour, but we’ve collected our best tips to ensure that your vaping experience is as tasty and good as possible!


Fresh Herb

Vaporizers offer a full and tasty hit of vapor without any of the nasty toxins and burnt, ashy tastes released by combustion. This is because it uses its heating elements to gradually evaporate all the active ingredients and essential concentrates that give your herb its distinctive taste. This is far more efficient than combustion as none of your herb is going up in smoke in between hits! So you’ll get more out of your herb when you vape.

However this doesn’t last forever and after a few sessions you may begin to notice a nasty burnt popcorn taste in each vape hit. Over time this will become stronger until eventually it will be the only thing you taste. Some people wrongly attribute this to the vaporizer itself, but the reason you’re getting this taste is because your herb is used up! All the active ingredients have long been vaporised and now you’re just slowly cooking the leftover organic matter.

All  you have to do to recapture that tasty vape hit is to switch out the used up herb for a fresh batch! Simple as that!

Clean Your Vape

Herb naturally produces resin over time. Eventually this can build up into a grime that will coat the inside of your vaporizer. The vaporizing process can accelerate and exacerbate this process and eventually you’ll find quite a lot of resin and grime building up inside. This can lead to the airway of your vaporizer becoming blocked; making drawing hits harder, and most of all ruining the taste.

As the resin heats up, much like your herb, but instead of tasty vapor all you’ll be getting is acrid smoke. If you’re really unfortunate these blobs of resin can keep heating until they become a hot spot in your chamber which can lead to combustion! Combustion means smoke, wasted herb, and nasty tastes.

Be sure to regularly clean out your vaporizer with either rubbing alcohol or some vaporizer cleaning fluid and a small brush to break up any stubborn build up!

Glass Components

Some cheaper vaporizers have air paths or mouthpieces made of surgical grade plastic tubing. This is perfectly safe, but it can lead to a somewhat nasty plastic taste. To avoid this try a vape with borosilicate glass air paths and mouthpieces.

Borosilicate glass is thermal shock resistant and 100% non reactive. This means that it is anatomically incapable of tainting your vapes flavour!

Adjust Your Vape’s Temperature

Vaporizers  work by using either conduction or convection heating elements to vaporise the active ingredients in herb. The two heating techniques produce the same results in two slightly different ways. Conduction puts the herb in direct contact with the heating element, this is the quickest method but you have to be careful to avoid creating hot spots and causing combustion. Convection blows hot air around the chamber, gradually and evenly heating up the herb. A good example of a situation would be the Da Vinci IQ, a high quality premium vaporizer.

These methods are both adjustable, so you can alter the heat your vaporizer is subjected to. You can use this to control the thickness and taste of your vapor. Higher temperatures will produce a thicker, stronger tasting vapor, while lower temperatures will result in a thinner vapor with a milder flavour.

To see  a high quality of our favorite vaporizers check out our specially curated featured vaporizer page.

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