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7 Best Features for Da Vinci IQ Vaporizer

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CSR Team 20/07/2017


This year has been great for the New Zealand vaporizer scene, an outstanding cavalcade of amazing vapes have hit the market. This is great news for anyone looking for a new vaporizer, there’s so much quality to pick and choose from. On the other hand, however, this could be seen as an embarrassment of riches; you have such a glut of choice that you may struggle to choose the right vaporizer for you! We feel your pain, and to alleviate it; we’re running a series of features that let you know exactly what you’re getting with each vaporizer. One model we have taken a particular interest to is the Da Vinci IQ Dry Herb vaporizer, a fantastic portable vape set to hit the New Zealand market soon!

Smart By Name, Smart By Nature

The new Da Vinci IQ vaporizer certainly earns its moniker! It’s one of the smartest vapes on the New Zealand market packed with innovative features that set it apart from its competitors and  ensures that  you’ll be getting the purest flavour and best vape experience possible! So you know exactly what your vape is doing at any time the IQ comes equipped with an array of LED dots to make a clear, easy to read, and striking display. This means that you’ll have precision control over the temperature of your vaporizer!

High Quality Ceramic Chamber

The IQ’s chamber is made from the highest quality ceramic and has a range of 250-430° F. It is incredibly easy to load with your favorite herb blend ( be sure, as always, to grind your herb first! It increases the surface area and guaranties better vapor). The IQ uses all-round conduction heating that hits as much of your herb as possible! Thanks to the conduction heating elements the heat up time of the chamber is a lightning fast 16 seconds, and comes with a haptic vibration alert that will let you know when your IQ is ready for use. The ceramic zirconia air patch guarantees that your vapor won’t be tainted by any toxins or gross plastic tastes. Best of all, with the IQ you don’t have to worry about any lingering herb smells!

Versatile Temperature

Using the IQ vaporizer is intuitive and precise and combines three different functions that allow you to tailor your vaping experience to your tastes. The first setting, Smart Path mode allows users to select from four different temperature settings and also to pre programme the temperature to automatically change throughout their session the temperature to adjust throughout the vaping session. The vape will automatically default to the best temperature for your vaping sessions by recording your past vaping patterns. The second available mode is called ‘Precision mode’. This allows you to fine tune your temperature settings with slight adjustments of a couple of degrees at a time, so you have the ultimate control over your herb. Finally there’s boost mode, which kicks your chamber into overdrive, producing more vapor and allowing you deeper, fuller hits.

Bluetooth Connectivity

To further add to the amount of versatility offered by the IQ it comes with a compatible smartphone app, available on both Android and iOS! The IQ hooks up to the app with it’s bluetooth connectivity. WIth the app you can track your smart path usage and see other important information from your device, the app makes your IQ smarter and more precise.

Amazing Battery Life

The IQ’s battery promises over three hours of continuous(!) use on a full charge! You need not worry about the IQ dying mid session. Even better the battery is easily removable so you can carry spares and switch them out on the fly. This is perfect for when you’re out and about for extended amounts of time and you want to make sure that you’re not caught short. You can also use the unit as you charge it, there is literally no barriers between you and your vape sessions!

Potent Portability

Some how, Da Vinci have managed to pack all of this into a compact, portable, and stylish package. As a vape unit the Da Vinci IQ is lightweight sleek and styling, coming in 4 finishes including Blue, Gunmetal, Copper, and Stealth. The LED display is understated and sophisticated. The IQ screams quality but if something should go wrong Da Vinci promise a 10 year warranty! Your vape will be covered for an entire decade you’d be lucky to get a car in New Zealand with that sort of coverage!

The IQ is an amazing unit, but to see the other fantastic units that are dominating the New Zealand vaporizer scene at the moment, check out our web store!

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