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7 Techniques For A Incredible Vaping Sessions

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CSR Team 20/07/2017

7 Incredible Vaporizer Techniques That You Need To Know

Davinci Vaporizer | NamasteVapes New Zeland

The New Zealand vaporizer scene is relatively new, and as such there's a lot of enthusiastic neophytes who aren’t getting the most out of their vaporizer. While with many other techniques of consuming herb it will become very apparent very quickly that you’ve done something wrong with vapes it’s less obvious. If you’re unfortunate enough to mess up with a vape all that will happen is that you’ll have to endure a sub optimal vape experience (unless you’re very unfortunate, at which point you’ll have to deal with combustion in your herb!).

So to help out we’ve compiled a list of techniques to guarantee you the best vaporizer experience every time!

Grind Your Herb

Vaporizers work best when they have a lot of surface area to work with. That’s why it’s especially important to grind your herb before putting it into the chamber, the finer the grind the more surface area is exposed to the heat of your vapes element. However grinding isn’t a one size fits all matter, you have to tailor it to your vape! Conduction vaporizers require a finer grind because they put the herb in direct contact with the heating element, so the greater the surface area the greater the quality of the vapor.

Convection vaporizers on the other hand require airflow throughout the chamber, so a less fine grind is desired.

Don’t Over Pack Your Herb

When packing the chamber of your vaporizer you’re confronted with somewhat of a dilemma; you have to balance packing as much herb into your vape as possible to ensure a thick vapor while also being careful not to over pack it! Over packing your vaporizer can lead to a whole host of problems, from making the draw more difficult by blocking the airway, to combustion as the herb directly into contact with the element overheats!

Know How The Temperature Settings Work

Learning how the temperature settings affect your herb is one of the most important things you can know about your vape. The reason you buy it is because of the adaptability of the heat settings, after all! The temperature of your vape has a direct bearing on the thickness of the vapor you inhale; lower temperatures result in thinner vapor, while higher temperatures result in a thicker vapor. The adjustable temperature also allows you to take advantage of the various boiling points of the active ingredients in your herb!

A vaporizer work by taking advantage of the different boiling points of the active ingredients in your herb, and careful use means that you can actually customise your high! So for all of you new to the New Zealand vaporizer scene we’ve compiled this handy piece that demystifies the temperature settings of your vape and lets you know how to activate the chemical you want!

157 °C/ 314°F - THC - Pain Relief And Euphoria

175°C/ 347°F - Delta 8 THC- Antinausea

180°C/ 356°F - CBD - Anticonvulsant, Antipsychotic, and doesn’t induce a high

185°C/ 365°F - CBN- Sedative Effect

220°C/ 428°F - CBN- Anti-Inflammatory

220°C/ 428°F - THCV

230°C/ 446°F - Combustion!

Long, Slow Pulls

Those new to dry herb vapes might find that their draws are a bit thin compared to what they’re used to. That’s because they’re not drawing the vapor correctly! All it takes is one simple technique to correct this, for your first few hits take long, slow pulls from your unit. This will give the vapor time to build up inside the chamber. Once it’s built up you can take hits at your leisure!

Know When To Change Your Herb

Vaporizers are a lot more efficient with your herb than many other methods, you’ll notice the same amount of herb go much further than before. However it does have a limit and sooner or later you’ll have to change your herb. If you don’t you’re going to be vaping used up herb and getting absolutely nothing from it. When your herb begins to smell a bit like burnt popcorn it’s time to switch it out, everything inside of it has been used up at this point!

Clean Your Vape Regularly

Over time as you use your device you’ll find that the resin naturally released by your herb can build up and  begin to clog your device. This can eventually lead to blocked vapor, a nasty burnt taste, and in some cases even combustion! The best way to combat this is to regularly clean out your vaporizer with a small brush and some cleaning solution. Simply use the brush to break up any resin and wipe the rest of the unit clean!

Use Screens

Many vaporizers come pre packaged with several screens. Screens are fantastically useful because they ensure that none of your  herb will accidentally be drawn into the airpath of your vape after a particularly vigorous draw! Over time they will slowly become clogged with resin so be sure to have a stack of replacements on hand!

Now that you know how to get the most out of a vaporizer check out our New Zealand  web store for our fine selection of premium vaporizers!

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