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Are You A Secret Vaper? Here’s 3 Vaporizers to Help You Stay Discreet

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Namaste NZ 05/09/2018

Vaping is one of the healthiest ways to enjoy dry herb, no one really questions this. But did you know that it can also be one of the most subtle and discreet ways to consume it too? One of the biggest gives always you can find is the unmistakable smell of herb smoke. Combustion has a tendency to fill the air with a thick, potent smoke that will let anyone downwind of you know exactly what you're doing.

Vaping works by taking advantage of the boiling points of the various active ingredients and heating them into a vapor. Since this isn’t smoke, it doesn’t linger for as long. It dissipates into the air without leaving a lingering smell. Not only that, since there is zero combustion in vapes there is no tell-tale glow. Finally, a vape can be put in your pocket mid-session with no real repercussions, if you tried this with a blunt then you might risk setting your pants on fire. This isn’t the most low-key way to end your sesh.

Of course, some vapes are more discreet than others. To help you find the most discreet and low key vaporizers on the market.

DaVinci IQ Vaporizer

The DaVinci IQ is one of the smartest vapes on the market. It is packed with intelligent settings and fantastic flavour maximising technology. But as any intelligent person knows, sometimes the smartest thing to do is be discreet. The IQ features a stealth mode that disables all the external LED lights, allowing you to enjoy your vape experience without the IQ’s LED matrix display giving you away.

Crafty Vaporizer

If you need even more discreetness combined with even more power then you need to take a look at the Crafty Vaporizer. The Crafty Vape is one of the most powerful portable vapes currently on the market. This vape is a discreet . version of it's big brother: The Mighty Vaporizer. If you want to keep your vaping on the DL, then you can’t do much better than this sneaky vaporizer.

The Black Mamba Vape

The Black Mamba is a low-cost, discreet vape. It’s unassuming shape contains an efficient little heating system that uses conduction to effectively heat your herb. This vape won’t grab attention with its visuals, and it won’t grab attention with its price; barely making a dent in your bank balance.

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