Authenticity of Vaporizers: Be Aware of Fakes!

on Aug 30, 2018

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As vaping grows in popularity, it is no surprise that people are going to take advantage of that trend. Those who are counterfeiting the vaporizers are taking shortcuts and finding easy ways to fool consumers by copying already established brands. Cheaply made duplicates affect every category of the vaping industry. It affects dry herb vaporizers, concentrate pens, e-cigs and even desktop vapes.

Knock-off vaporizers are bad for buyers, but good for those who are doing the counterfeiting. Consumers, especially first-time buyers are most at risk, be vigilant when you’re making your first purchase. Fake vaporizers are regrettably a common practice in most technological industries and, unfortunately in the vaping industry too.  


Fake vaporizers can be harmful to the user. Many phony vaporizers use cheap parts to duplicate authentic vaporizers. Using inexpensive parts to manufacture vaporizers means important parts of a vaporizer like the heating chamber, mouthpiece and battery are not of a superior make. 

Most vaporizers use Li ion rechargeable batteries and many fake vaporizers use Li ion batteries that contain impurities that prevent the battery from holding a charge for long or at all. These cheap alternatives also have detrimental effects like a poor vaping experience, over-heating, constant malfunctions and in some cases, the actual vape can blow up and ruin that gorgeous face of yours.  

Signs to watch out for! 

It is imperative you avoid knock-off vaporizers. Especially if you’re looking for the all-round best experience creators. You will merely get an experience enhancer with fake vapes, but the question is - how do you spot the red flags?

When you’re wearing rose coloured glasses, all the red flags just look like flags. So, we have to take off our glasses. If you bagged yourself an absolute bargain off Ebay, Amazon or some dodgy website online, chances are its fake. If the standard price is lower than the average, it’s probably fake.

In an effort to combat fakes, manufactures have begun putting authenticity codes on their products. You enter the authenticity code onto the official website and it will tell you of it is made by them. Most vaporizers use Bluetooth connectivity, if you bought a dud vaporizer, it will be able to pair with your device because counterfeits cannot access the brands database. 

The biggest pointer if an item in not genuine is the packaging. Fake products tend to always have slightly different packing than the real thing. Examine the outer packaging carefully!  

Buy from us, an authorised vendor! 

Sites like Amazon and Ebay are not authorised vendors of vaporizers. They may, however refund your purchase of a fake vaporizer. Getting your money back is important, but it didn’t save you all that wasted time. Stop wasting your precious time and buy from authorised vendors, like us, Namaste New Zealand 

Do your research. Be vigilant and vape on fellow Kiwis! 

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