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Best Portable Vaporizers in New Zealand

Posted on Jun 28, 2016

Best Portable Vaporizers in New Zealand 

2016 has really seen the vape scene in New Zealand take off. Vaping is becoming more and more popular every day with more people deciding to choose the healthiest option for consuming their dry herb. In this blog we'll take a look at what are the best portable vaporizers available to the New Zealand market at the moment.

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Pax 2 

Pax 2 best portable vapes in NZAnybody who knows anything at all about vaporizers will recognise the familiar name of Pax. The original Pax dominated the vaping scene early on, and when it was announced that there would be a successor, we were eager to see how they could improve on an already almost perfect product. Improve it they did! The Pax 2 is one of, if not the most popular vaporizers on the market today. The Pax 2 boasts an increased battery life, improved smart heating and cooling systems and also an integrated LED light system which makes using the vape so much easier. 

The Pax 2 really is the complete package, regardless of your vaping experience, this device will satisfy all your demands. Check out the Pax 2



Mighty vaporizer Namaste New Zealand Storz&Bickel, the guys who brought us the legendary Volcano and Plenty Vapes, have developed the Mighty and Crafty Portable vaporizers. The Mighty lives up to the manufacturers reputation by generating dense, pure and supreme vapor in a powerful handheld design. The Mighty incorporates both convection hot air and conduction heating and is programmed using an easy to use two-button operating system. The Mighty's effective vapor production system makes for an gratifying experience without the learning curve or multitude of components found in other Vape. 

The Mighty vape is a new beast on the portable vaporizer market. The vapor quality that the Mighty can produce is comparable to the Volcano, which is a massive compliment to the Mighty. Check out the Mighty Vaporizer .

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Crafty Portable vaporizer New Zealand The Crafty is the little brother to the Mighty vaporizer. Again Storz&Bickel have created a solid, sleek and powerful portable vaporizer. The Crafty vape has been described by users as one of the best portable vaporizers available today. The Crafty is a small handheld vaporizer with a very simplistic button layout; a single button turns the Vape on and there is also an option to boost your temperature. This boosted mode allows you to turn up your temperature mid session by simply pressing the power button twice, this will have an awesome affect on the quality of your vapor.

If you fancy having even more control over your Vapor i.e. temperature, LED lights etc. and other settings, then download the Crafty App for full control. Check out the Crafty Vaporizer here. 


Haze V3

Haze V3 portable vaporizer Namaste New Zealand The Haze V3 released by Haze technologies is the successor to the Haze V2 and V2.5. The Haze V3 is a dual chamber vape, so it features two heating chambers which allows it to vaporize dry blends, aromatherapy concentrates and aroma oil.   The Haze V3 is the first portable vaporizer to incorporate this dual chamber vaporizer technology. This allows users to continue vaporizing multiple materials, like loose leaves, wax and oils, all of this without even having to swap cartridges. This vape also has a very quick heat up time, the haze V3 can reach max temperature in 60 seconds. Also the Haze V3 can boast one of the best battery lives in comparison to other vaporizers in this price category. 

The Haze is the complete package and covers most people's needs. Check out the Haze V3 here. 

So, that is our round up of our favourite portable vaporizer in New Zealand. Let us know if we have missed out or forgotten any, or else if you feel there are better portable vaporizers out there, we want to know about it!

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Remember folks, Keep Calm...Vape On!


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