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Cheap v Expensive Grinders - Whats the Difference?

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Namaste NZ 02/02/2019

Why are grinders essential?

Grinders are an essential item when it comes to breaking down your herb into finer pieces. Grinders allow us to maximize output and eradicate any loss of herb as compared to using your hands and scissors.


Grinders are essential for those who use vaporizers. Ground herb has more surface area to allow for a more even heat. Even heat means no more hot or cold spots when you vape.

What should I look for in a grinder?

There are many attributes that should be considered before you purchase.

  • Manufacturing Material Quality i.e. Components (chamber, teeth, holes) and whether or not it is non stick
  • Price point

TIP: Grind your herb upside down first, turn and grind, then turn your grinder back to its correct position and grind again. This makes for a more even, finer breakdown of your herb.

TIP: Do not use your hands collecting the crystals as you will lose some on your finger tips!

The Reviews

We reviewed 2 grinders. 2 were top of the range and 1 for those on a budget.

Space Case 4 Piece Magnetic Grinder


PROS: Carved from solid aircraft grade aluminium with a magnetic lid, this grinder will be your companion for life. Using interlocking, diamond cut teeth it crushes your herb incredibly fine. The lower chamber has a stainless steel screen for sieving those crystals. The final chamber collects those crystals and it even comes with a scoop for collecting it all in one go! With 4 different sizes you can choose the one that suits your lifestyle best.

CONS: It does not have the non-stick feature, which although not essential, does make cleaning easier.

PRICE: $79.95 - $174.95 (size depending)

SLX 2.0.2 Non Stick Pocket Grinder

PROS: Engineered using aerospace titanium shell this is your grinder for life. Covered in a NON-STICK ceramic coating (even on the treads) means no more herb sticking to your grinder! No more cleaning! This is a unique feature that SLX offers. The scraper provided is ideal to scoop the crystals together - clearly made with the ‘herb lover’ in mind. This grinder is as close to perfection as you can get.

CONS: eh…em.. It didn't come with herb?

PRICE: $84.95 - medium $98.95 - large

The VGrinder


PROS: An Aircraft grade aluminium grinder with diamond cut teeth will provide you finely diced herb ideal for a vaporizer. Although smaller in size for discreet grinding, it has plenty of volume. You will not find a better grinder on the market in this price range. The VGrinder is a top selling grinder, perfect for vaporisers and all other dry herb paraphernalia.

CONS: No ‘non-stick’ covering, which although not essential, does make cleaning a little easier.

PRICE: $24.95

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