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Complete Cleaning Guide for DaVinci Vaporizers

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Namaste NZ 20/01/2019

Chur bro, you’ve got a premo product so you want to keep it as clean as a whistle to function at top quality. Protect your investment at all costs. You can use it for about six sessions before you have to clean it, which is about average for a handheld vaporizer. Under performance is not a word that goes with DaVinci. We are going to keep it that way.


Clean as a whistle:

How do I know when to clean? Check the mouthpiece and see if there is a build up of liquid or oil, if so, clean it. Not getting good hits from your vape? - clean it. Gather your tools. You don’t need heavy duty Jiff and for the love of the vape way DO NOT use household cleaners or soap during the cleaning process. It will destroy your vessel.

All you need is the following:

  • Rubbing alcohol/wipes
  • A glass
  • Water
  • Pipe cleaner
  • Cotton buds
  • Cleaning brush
  • Like any technologically advanced state of the art choice product, it has lots of parts and little parts need isolating and cleaning. 

    DaVinci Miqro

    How to Clean:

  • Remove the vaporizer’s mouthpiece
  • Separate the gasket from the mouthpiece
  • Use the metal pick or a pipe cleaner to remove the flavour chamber’s lid
  • Clear the heating chamber of any debris with the metal pick
  • Use the brush to sweep the heating chamber
  • Use a cotton bud dipped in alcohol to wipe the outside and the inside of the heating chamber
  • Use the DaVinci alcohol wipe to clean the vaporizer’s loading area
  • Allow time to dry
  • Perform a burn-off cycle and crank the temperature up!
  • Run for 2 minutes
  • Turn off and allow to cool
  • Wipe the exterior of the device with a cloth
  • Soak the remaining pieces overnight and allow to dry before reassembling

    DaVinci Miqro Lifestyle

    Hello, squeaky clean DaVinci. Order is restored again. Your prized vaporizer is shining like a beacon and back to its best self. Stylish and easy to use and just willing you to vape those herbs!

    Top Tip

    It is recommended by the clever folk at DaVinci Vaporizer YouTube channel to brush your heating chamber after every usage with your cleaning brush. Then, she will be as good as gold and raring to go!

    Follow the instructions step by step and you will get maximum pleasure from all the good things that are synonymous with DaVinci - compact, great flavour, great vapour production easy to load, etc - simply one of the most intelligent vaporizers around. It deserves regular maintenance and respect - like all beautiful things. You’ve got the best of the best - give it some love every now and then. DaVinci a name you can trust. AWESOME!

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