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Excitement is stacking up for the Totem

on Oct 01, 2018

Self-described as the “Chief of all vapes”, the Totem was inspired by great ancient monumental carvings of First Nations around the world. As the world’s first stackable vape, sociability was paramount to the design of this vape – encouraging you and friends to push your sessions to new heights and see just how far you can go (totem limbo anyone?).

The perfect vape for partying, hiking, hell you could even vape this in the shower – the Totem was made with the go-getter in mind. Read on to find out what makes this hybrid device so special, and how the Totem could teach the world to vape in perfect harmony.

Hybrid energy – the best of both worlds

With the ingenuity of hybrid technology, the Totem utilizes the best of both conduction and convection heat systems to provide a speedy heat up time without compromising on great quality vapor and taste (you can thank the stainless steel vapor path for that).

Finely tuned heat settings

No need to fiddle around with the heat setting, as the Totem comes with four colour-coded, pre-programmed temperature settings - Blue, Purple, Orange, Red. These four temperature settings range between 356°F/180°C to 400°F/210°C, to optimize the performance of your herb and cater to all vaping tastes.

Durable & innovative design

The Totem was built to be the life of the party, and this incredible durability truly sets it apart from other similar devices on the market. Not only is the Totem water-proof, the outer shell is also covered in a shock-proof rubber coating, so you don’t need to worry about the slips and spills that can happen along the way to creating some great memories with friends. While it is a slightly larger portable device, the sleek simple design makes it easy to transport, as well as being a comfortable fit and easy grip in the palm of your hand. And with one hour of continuous battery life (and less than two hours to achieve a full charge via USB), the Totem is sure to keep the party going.

Totem Mode

The whole ethos around the Totem vape was built upon the ancient legacy of the totem pole itself; bringing a community of people together around it, and this device really does deliver on that message. With Totem mode, you can stack your Totem device with multiple others to create a new flavor sensation with different kinds of herb. When the two (or three, or more!) chambers work in conjunction together, you can customize your session to reach new heights of flavor and fun. Even with two vapes connected together, the Totem remains sturdy thanks to the fitted silicone cap keeping everything in place.

If the stackable feature feels a little gimmicky to you, you can still be rest assured in the knowledge that the Totem is a durable hybrid device that produces great vapor taste, which at the end of the day is all you really want in a vape (stackable features just add to the fun).