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Firefly 2 - All You Need to Know

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Namaste NZ 01/08/2018

Firefly 2 NamasteVapes New Zealand

The Firefly 2 is the second vaporizer to emerge from the hands of the creators, Firefly Vapor. The Firefly 2 is a portable, sleek convection vaporizer. The Firefly 2 allows the user to vapor whatever dry herb or concentrate they like. Firefly is a San Franciscan vaporizer manufactures that changed the game with the original Firefly and employing their lighting speed heat up times but now? With the FF2 you can heat up your vapor 3-5 seconds?! That’s quicker than the speed of our native bird the Kiwi! Am I exaggerating? I digress, the Firefly 2 is a compact, dynamic and sleek vaporizer that can be transported anywhere due to its small yet robust fixture. The Firefly is a smooth and satisfying vaporizer that will leave you wanting more after a session if you can keep up course.

Heating System

Firefly 2 Heating Chamber NamasteVapes New Zealand


The FF2 employs a convection heating system. Convection heating system pump hot air through the bud and ensure combustion is eliminated. Vaping with the Firefly 2 doesn’t burn your material so a smoother and denser vapor can be inhaled. Due to the cooling properties that are carried with convection heating, the vapor you inhale is less irritating on your lungs and chest. Vaping is a healthier means of ingesting your bud because the accumulation of tar and chemicals doesn’t happen like it normally would by lighting and smoking your bud. A unique feature to the Firefly 2 is its efficiency; it only heats your herbs while you are drawing – this ensures precious material and battery life is not wasted.

Portability and discreetness

Portable Vape Firefly 2 NamasteVapes New Zealand

The Firefly has vastly improved since its predecessor in all areas from heat up times to a new interface, but the Firefly 2 has changed significantly in size, portability and discreetness. The new and improved vaporizer is 33% smaller and 55% lighter than the OG. The creators moved away from stainless steel and implemented a polished magnesium body, which is a lighter material than stainless steel hence the massive weight drop. The Firefly 2 can easily fit into the pockets of your pants, so it can be transported anywhere! The vapor that emits from the Firefly is almost inconspicuous and odourless. You can take it down to your mates’ house, have a quick session and his mum would have no clue – remember the FF2 heats up in seconds for quick sessions!

Compatible with iOS and Android

Firefly App  NamasteVapes New Zealand

The Firefly comes with an app that is accessible for all smartphone users, sorry Dads with their block Nokias. The app is accessible through Bluetooth. In the app you can alter the 5 pre-set temperatures, check the battery life and change various factory settings. If you do not have a smartphone and cannot acquire of one, it is not absolute that you use the app, however it does unlock the vaporizers full potential!

Battery Life

The battery life in the original Firefly was the biggest setback. The engineers over at Firefly Vapor HQ certainly listened to its users, there has been a huge increase in battery life since it’s forerunner the Firefly. With the latest Firefly, its kind of insane how much the battery has improved. There is continued battery support for over two hours and is fully charged after 45 minutes. The FF2 supplies two swappable batteries for on the go, so you never run out of life.


Firefly 2 Kit NamasteVapes New Zealand

The Firefly 2 is a suburb vaping unit. If the details above weren’t enough; here’s a couple more; it’s easy to clean and provides you with cleaning utensils, uses a 55-hole pattern for increased airflow, is a dual material vaporizer and comes in an array of different colours! My favourite colour you ask? Much like our beloved rugby team, all black. I highly recommend investing in the Firefly 2 it is a durable, portable and stunning vaporizer. The properties of the Firefly 2 are sweet as. To get yours, click here.

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