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Health Benefits of Vaporizers

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Abrar Odoo 15/01/2014

Welcome to NamasteVapes New Zealand! We recommend the use of vaporizers for the following reasons - please keep in mind this hardly covers all the benefits but its a start for those new to it.


  1. Aromatherapy delivered by vaporizers are virtually harmless to your lungs. (for those of you who are worried about toxins that are released through traditional methods).
  2. Vaporizing is a much more efficient way to use aromatherapy - you can use less than one third of the blend you'd normally use with traditional methods. 
  3. Vaporizers can be used with company. Because no harmful by-product is released into the air, vaporizers can be used in a variety of social settings.
  4. If you happen to live in an apartment or flat this is important - the vapor can barely be smelled right next to you, let alone in any other room that has walls separating them. Traditional methods are easily detectable
  5. Vaporizers are fun! With such variety there is something for everyone! 

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