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History of Vaporizers: A sneak peek into the industrial history?

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Namaste NZ 12/11/2018

Vaporizers are the new dry-herb craze, their growth has been unstoppable, but their journey dates back years. A vaporizers purpose is to vaporize the herbs that is placed within it. The herbs that are consumed serve medical, recreational and health properties. Much like the array of purposes herb serves, there is an array of ways herb can be consumed; the oldest of which being smoking. But making its way through the ranks is none other than vaping!

They’ve definitely made their way through many technological advancements. Very much like any smart phone – vaporizers started out small with very little fancy add-ons about them. The evolution of vaporizers has been mesmerizing and downright interesting. We will detail the journey of vaporizers in this piece as we know it today; small, portable and efficient.


Vaporizers history can be dated all the way back to Egypt in the 5th Century, where the earliest traces of vaporizer use is found. This history is recorded by Herodutus in the book, “The History of Herodotus” where he cites the Scythians vaping experience. These people would take hemp seed, place it on red-hot stones and the seeds would vaporize and they would inhale the produced vapor.


Irfan Sheikah, one-man in the Safavid Dynasty deserves a round of applause for his invention of the hookah; also known as 'sheesha' or 'waterpipe'. Hookah culture has taken over and the revolution has begun. Shortly after his invention in Afghanistan, the use of hookah took India by storm.

The first (modern) vape

Eagle Bill, inspired by the Egyptian methods of vaporizer marijuana invented the Shake and Vape. Eager Bill Amato had a burning passion for aromatherapy and sharing his wonderful experiences with aromatherapy to the world. He wanted to create something that promoted the healthy consumption of dry herbs that was transportable. Thus, came the Shake and Vape. It consisted of a glass pipe and large bowl at the end that could be heated by a pocket-lighter. One of the most efficient vaporizers of its time and was adored by medical users. The Shake and Vape changed vaping culture as we know it.


With the passage of time, technological advancements are inevitable. Advancements in development became mainstream. More and more companies started investing in the vaping industry, many companies started curating more powerful and digital units. Stationary vaporizers made their way onto the market and then came portable vapes. The industry is always ever-changing and evolving.

Modern Days

Today, there are so many assortments of vaporizers. There are e-cigarettes, mechanical vape mods, desktop vaporizers, portable vapes, vape pens etc. It all seems so modern – so, modern in fact, that it's easy to forget that humans were vaping before we were even here. Using tools as simple as hot-stones and hemp seeds having no need for vaporizers that are temperature-adjustable-through-the-iOS-app. Technology moves fast, it's important to remember where the it all came from.

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