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How To Choose Between Portable Vaporizers

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Namaste NZ 09/06/2018

Choosing between the different portable vaporizers on the market can be a daunting task. If you are new to portable vaporizers, you need to know what to look for in a vaporizer. There are a number of points that you have to consider when looking at portable vaporizers.



The Mighty and Crafty are two of the most popular portable Vapes

The Durability

Portable Vaporizers New Zealand

As you are going to be using the vaporizer on the go, you need to consider the durability. The vaporizers that you can get today are more durable than past models, but only if you choose the right brand. Cheap vaporizers are not going to be very durable and plastic ones are more likely to break than the metal ones.

To determine the durability of the vaporizer, you will need to look at customer reviews. Focus on the reviews that talk about having used the vaporizers for a few weeks. They will be able to tell you how long it lasted and if there are any issues with the durability.


The Portability

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You might assume that all portable vaporizers will be small enough for you to easily carry them around. This is not actually the case and there are some vaporizers labeled as portable which will be a bit hard to carry with you. This is why you need to check the measurement of the vaporizer before you buy, particularly if you are going to be buying online.

There are different types of portable vaporizers and they will offer different levels of portability. If you are looking for a vaporizer you can place in your pocket, you should look at pen-style vaporizers. Larger vaporizers may not be as easy to carry around in your pocket.

The Vapor Quality

There are 2 ways that your vaporizer will create vapor and you need to understand this. The first way is through conduction which includes heat touching the element of your vaporizer. The other option is convection heating where hot air will pass through the herbs or liquid within the vaporizer.

It is important that you know which method is being used by your vaporizer because they will offer different vapor quality. Additionally, small size portable vaporizers may not have the capacity for convection heating and will use heating coils. These coils will come in direct connection with your liquid or herbs which can cause burning.

Boundless Vaporizers are one of the fastest growing brands in the industry

The Ease Of Use

You do not want to buy a portable vaporizer that you have a hard time using. Ease of use has to be something that you look at when you are choosing a portable vaporizer. You should look for certain features that will make it easy for you to use the device.

The way that it turns one is one feature to look at. There are some vaporizers that turn on as soon as you draw air through them, but there are others that require you to activate them with a button. You will need to choose the option that is easiest for you to use and will not accidentally activate while you are carrying it.

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