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How to Clean the DaVinci IQ - 4 Easy Steps

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Namaste NZ 09/11/2018

The best way to keep your DaVinci IQ functioning as good as the day you first got it is to make sure you always keep it clean.

NamasteVapes DaVinci IQ


This vaporizer was designed with the user in mind to be as easy as possible to use, maintain and of course, clean. Every time you empty out your oven to refill it, take the chimney brush included in the IQ kit and give it a quick swirl in your oven to get rid of any debris left behind from your herbs.

For deeper cleaning, we recommend taking a cotton bud soaked with isopropyl alcohol to your oven as well to keep it right.

NOTE - hold your vaporizer upside down when dipping your alcohol soaked bud in, this is to avoid any liquid getting into the body of your vape.


Next step for cleaning your DaVinci IQ is to turn your focus to the flavour chamber. Remove this part by using the metal picker utensil included in your IQ Kit. Place the curved end into the top of the flavor chamber and pop it right off. You can then remove the lid using this same method. This gains you access to the inside of the vape, where you can again use a cotton bud soaked with isopropyl alcohol to clean out any debris that has reached inside.


Below the flavour chamber, you will see a silicone cap. Beneath this cap is a small area where debris can accumulate over time. You will want to use your chimney brush provided quite vigorously in this area as well as a cotton bud with isopropyl alcohol, otherwise the debris will build up and your vapor will start to taste poor. A premium vaporizer like the DaVinci IQ will always produce pure, quality vapor - as long as you look after it.


Final step -  make sure your mouthpiece is clean using a cleaning wipe (comes in your IQ Kit). Make sure all of the small holes in the device are clear, as you want to make sure that your vapor can make its way out of the oven. This includes the holes at the bottom of the oven, in the flavor chamber lid, and in your mouthpiece of course. To clean these holes, you use the pointed end of the metal pick. No need to be to vigorous with this step, usually a literally goes a long way with this step.

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