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How to Clean Your Mighty Vaporizer

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Namaste NZ 09/10/2018

The Mighty vaporizer is one of the best vapes on the market and if you’re shelling out that kind of money you don’t want to be getting substandard vapor. If you completely abandon your Mighty and never clean it, well guess what - you will get substandard vapour. Who wants that?! But you’re not that kind of person, right?! That's why you’re here. A little maintenance goes a very long way towards keeping that grime and dirt to a minimum and keeping your Mighty vaporizer in peak performance.

Maintain that Mighty Vaporizer

How often you’ll have to clean your Mighty really comes down to how frequently you use it, but Mighty producers recommend you take the time to clean your device at least once a week. If you feel like the airflow is starting to get a little restrictive and you’re experiencing some harsh draw resistance, that’s the red flag flying and telling you that your vape might need a deep clean.

If you’re cleaning your Mighty vape for the first time (or maybe even just the first time in a while), read on for some top tips on getting your Mighty vape back into fighting form with a great deep clean.

STEP 1. -If you’ve been a diligent vaper then you should have to worry too much about your oven. Giving this a little clean after each session is helpful in the long run. To give it a good clean though, turn the Mighty vaporizer upside down. Get a swab soaked with alcohol and clean it out. Make sure that none of the alcohol drips into the heating element (potentially detrimental, the Mighty is durable, but come on)

cleaning the mighty
STEP 2. - Using the tools provided in your Mighty kit, take apart all removable pieces of your Mighty. Remove the cooling unit on the top of your vape by unscrewing it until it loosens.

cleaning the mighty
STEP 3. - Remove the mouthpiece by rotating it until it comes loose and comes off, and then remove the blue seal ring around it.

cap lock mighty
STEP 4. - Unlock the cap lock and remove it by pushing it to one side and pulling it up on the other side.

mighty cleaning process
STEP 5.- Separate the top of the cooling unit from the base, exposing the 2 blue seal rings. Use the filling chamber tool to remove the blue seal rings, and to pop out the chamber screen.

mighty cleaning process
STEP 6. - Next, remove the lower screen within the filling chamber, use the filling chamber tool and create dent motions until it pops loose from the sides of the chamber, where you can then turn it upside down and let it pop off.

mighty cleaning process
STEP 7.- Soak all removable parts of your vape in isopropyl alcohol EXCEPT for the cap lock. Soak these parts for up to an hour.

swabbing mighty
STEP 8. - While your removable parts are soaking, use a cotton bud soaked in a little isopropyl alcohol to swipe away any herb debris in the filling chamber. 

STEP 9. - Insert a new screen into the filling chamber, pressing down with your filling tool to secure it.

STEP 10. - After an hour, rinse all removable parts with warm water and dry thoroughly before reassembling. Your Mighty Vaporizer is now ready to rock again!

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