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How To Improve Vapor Quality

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CSR Team 20/07/2017

Hi Guys, its Vaporizer Guru here, the self proclaimed King, Lord, and Master of all vapes. Today we're going to be discussing how to improve your vapor quality. What the Guru will want to achieve is to take your buzzes to an entirely new level. Believe me, I'm never happy unless your breathing in all of the sparkling glory that vapes have to offer. My whole function in life is to eliminate those second rate hits that fail to live up to their billing. The Guru wants to make sure that these inferior buzzes become like a thing of the past, an ancient relic of a bygone era. And if you stick with me you'll certainly find yourself well on the road to becoming a more successful and productive stoner.

One of the very first things you'll need to consider is what type of vapor you want to achieve. This one seems obvious, but it has to be mentioned. You will NEVER get the same vape experience from a cheap portable as you will from a Mighty.

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It just won't happen. In this situation its a bit like believing that a car you bought for 500$ from a scrapyard will be able to match a Ferrari in terms of overall performance. It cannot and it wont happen. No matter what herbs or what materials you put inside certain vaporizers some devices wont be able to reach the standard of the top units like the Mighty, the Crafty, the Pax 3, or the Firefly. So figuring out what you want from a vaporizer, and getting not only a good vaporizer but an outstanding vaporizer is vitally important. Here's a few tips for vaporizers that you might be like depending on your interest.

1. A Good Grinder

Something a lot of people skimp out on is a good grinder. This is one mistake that I come across again and again and it is a mistake that you'll pay dearly for. Grinding your material efficiently is an extremely important piece in the process of vaporizing, and can give you some immediate results. If you have a good grinder, you will get more even consistency, which will allow your material to be heated, extracted, and vaporized more efficiently, getting you better flavor and vapor production. Before you purchase a grinder what you'll need to factor into the equation is what type of materials your vaporizer works best with it. For example, if your vape only operates at optimum capacity with coarser materials then you'll need to get your hands on a grinder that will grind to this type of consistency. Similarly, if your vaporizer performs best with materials that are ground down into a fine dust then you'll need to get a grinder that can perform this job for you. The simple fact is that not all grinders will perform the same way so you'll need to be aware of this. Because if you're looking to improve your vapor quality and you're putting the wrong materials inside your unit this will result in an inferior experience.

2. Make Sure You Buy Good Materials

A huge factor in improving vapor quality depends on the type of materials you put inside your vaporizer. You should always try and make sure that your plants or concentrates are of the highest quality as this will ensure that your buzzes reach the standards that you desire to achieve. Another piece of advice that you should take on board is to always make sure that your plants are dry. This seems simple enough once again but people get confused on this often. Many vaporizers are made for aromatherapy-grade dry herbs, and if your materials are wet or moist, then you are actually going to be hindering your vapor experience. Some people assume that wet material might help create vapor, however it just causes your extraction to be uneven. Assuring that your dry herbs are actually dry will help you to get a more consistent grind as well.

3. Find The Right Temperature

This is one huge area that you'll need to take a very close look at. To be honest, if there is one area that I recommend that you master it is temperature! The simple fact is if you vape at the wrong temperature that can lead to your vapor quality being destroyed. If the temperature is too low you wont get the a good enough vape and if the temperature is too high this can lead to combustion. So what is the correct temperature? Well this all depends on a number of different factors such as what temperature specifications are on your vaporizer, what materials you're using, and how many buzzes you want to achieve. What I would recommend if for you to play around with the temperature levels until you find the one that suits you. Some temperature levels will result a very flavourful experience than others so this is something that you'll need to be aware of.
Temperature has large effects on vapor production, flavor, as well as chemical breakdown depending on the type of aromatherapy products you are using.

4. Try Out A Water Tool!

Water tools are one of the most underestimated devices when it comes to vaping. If you want bigger clouds your going to have to bump up the temperature or draw larger amounts of vapor. If you want to be able to do that without burning your throat, coughing, or having a harsh vapor then you should use a Water Tool! Our Water Tools can be used on most vaporizers with the appropriate adapters (that we have also created) and cools the vapor for a smoother, cooler vapor production to help you get bigger clouds!

5. What Vaporizers I recommend?

Ok, so which vaporizers would I recommend for getting the best vapors? This really is a tough one as being in a golden era of vaping there are many great devices out there. But below I'm assembled a short list of devices that I believe will be sure to live up to their billing when it comes to providing outstanding vapes.


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For better flavor quality I recommend you check out the Firefly or the Pax 3 Both boast high quality glass, ceramic, and metal parts to give a pure, clean vapor production that gives great flavor. The Pax 3 is a machine that has capacity to surprise you time and time again when it comes to performance. The Pax utilizes the very best of conduction technology to give users some of the most delicious and mouth watering vapes imaginable.


If you want to see your vapor obviously, and be able to spout out big clouds from each draw then you will want to look into the Mighty or the Volcano Digital! Both are made by Storz and Bickel, and offer the best vapor production on the market hands down.


If you just want an overall unique, or sleek experience, then we recommend the Pax 2, or the Vapir Rise. The Pax 2 offers one of the sexiest vaping experiences on the market with it's small, simple, and sleek casing that only enhance it's awesome performance. The Vapir Rise gives you incredible functionality with tons of controls and settings, and an operational multi-user mode that no other vape offers.

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