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Introducing - DaVinci MIQRO - New Vape 2019

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Namaste NZ 12/01/2019

As I’m sure you already know, DaVinci is one of the biggest names in the vaping industry at the moment. They have already designed one of the best sellers of 2018, The DaVinci IQ and they’re back to spoil us even MORE, with the DaVinci MIQRO. What’s the difference you ask? Ultimately, DaVinci looked at the IQ and decided to make it even more streamlined and portable. DaVinci have built their name upon providing long and delicious and the MIQRO is the perfect definition of this. They have successfully miniaturized what was already a super portable vape, into thee most portable and innovative vaporizer available on the market - We present to you, The DaVinci MIQRO.



Technical and Design Details

The most obvious change from the IQ to the MIQRO has been the sheer size. The IQ is a sleek and portable vaporizer that’s for sure, but DaVinci seen room for even more streamlining (we didn’t even know this was possible until now, technology huh?) Through an amazing innovative engineering and studying up on the IQ and how to improve it, they have managed to make the MIQRO even more compact than its predecessor. It measures in at 33% more compact than the IQ. Not only that, it's also much lighter to hold than the IQ, which makes it extremely pocket friendly, not to mention discreet.


The MIQRO’s small scale sizing comes with a few small trade-offs. Compared to the IQ, it has a slightly longer heat up time, taking an additional 30 seconds to reach vaping temperature the time to heat up. But of course, DaVinci made sure that for this small trade off would come an advantage with a hugely extended battery life. The batteries for the MIQRO last approx 40 minutes of non-stop use. Additionally, the new and improved battery charges twice as fast as the IQ. I don’t know about you, but I’d gladly take the extra heat up time in exchange for those benefits!

World Class Innovation

Staying true to their innovative legacy on ensuring perfection on pure flavour and convenience, the MIQRO features an all zirconium ceramic vapor path, plus a mouthpiece. This allows you, the user, to draw the purest vapor you will ever taste! Not to mention you can achieve a tailor made experience by using less herbs but getting the desired hit by adjusting the oven size. This vaporizer was designed with YOU, the user in mind - A tailor made personal vaporizer for all your vaping needs. Coming soon to NamasteVapes New Zealand.

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