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Kick-start Your New Health Buzz, Switch to Vaping This New Year!

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Namaste NZ 12/12/2018

New Year's are all about new beginnings, new adventures, new diets that you eventually break and most importantly, playing with all the new gifts you got for Christmas. So, isn’t it the perfect occasion to try out the new dry-herb vaporizer you got this year?

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Dry-herb vaporizers, no matter the brand should yield impressive properties especially if the present-buyer bought from us, NamasteVapes New Zealand, as we only stock the very best vaporizers on the market.

Vaporizers are a fantastic gift for anyone trying to cut down on cigarette smoking or anyone who is a big dry herb consumer.

Ever since the cultural phenomenon with recreational dry-herb use across New Zealand and indeed the world it gave a new emergence and surge of healthy stoner culture. At the crux of this cultural shift is the rise of dry-herb vaporizers. Dry-herb vaporizers can carry many beneficial features and fixtures and we’re here to explain why you should start using yours, and if you haven't already got one - why you should!

No Combustion

Vaping has a whole lot more benefits over simple combustion. Combusting material carries adverse effects like the creation of carcinogens and harmful toxins. However, using a vaporizer eliminates this process and also significantly reduces carbon monoxide levels. Therefore the inhalation of toxins is drastically reduced.

Reduced Smell

Another great benefit of switching to vaporizers as opposed to smoking is that vaping material produces much less odor than smoking dry-herbs. This can be particularly helpful for people who live in shared accommodation or for those who want discreteness. There is no need to worry about the very distinct and potent smell dry herb has, lingering in your home, house or clothes. This can be a valuable aspect to any dry herb consumers who have people over as it's much easier to keep your recreational hobby as discreet as possible with your trusty vape.

Easier on Your Lungs

Because vaping requires a lower temperature than smoking flower does, the vapor produced is a lot cooler than the smoke produced in conventional combustion. This particular aspect makes vaping sessions more enjoyable as you’re not habitually inhaling hot smoke into your airways.

As briefly mentioned above, smoking dry-herbs releases multiple toxins. Combusting dry herbs has the potential of harming your lungs with tar and other chemicals. Vaping your dry herbs totally negates this effect making it a safer and healthier mode of consumption by a large margin.

Saves you Money

Initially, vaping comes with a costly price tag, but, if you got it for Christmas then you don’t have to worry about those costly dollars. Herbal vaporizers can start anywhere between $50-100 dollars. There is very little waste involved when using vaporizers. All that precious vapor is directly inhaled instead of dissipating into the air into between puffs. And the AVB (Already Vaped Bud) can be used to make brownies or added into Christmas Stuffing, double whammy!

Superb Flavor

One of the biggest advantages of vaping is the flavor. When smoking, it's not surprising that the end results in terms of taste is often whispers of burnt popcorn with a hint of dry herb. Since vaping doesn’t burn at all, it means the vapor you’re inhaling is only full of the pure flavor of your chosen strain. This way you won’t be tasting or inhaling of that nasty tasting smoke. If you think you like the taste of smoking your herb, just wait until you try vaporizing it.

Start Using Your Vaporizer

Hopefully, we have convinced you enough to give that bad boy a try and start feeling all the benefits yourself! If you’re interested in purchasing any vaporizers or dry-herb related products, click here. Stay happy and healthy!

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