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Medical Mighty - First Licensed Medical Marijuana Vaporizer

on Oct 24, 2017

The MightyFrom Storz and Bickel, a company that has brought you some of the most impressive and well loved vaporizers currently on the market such as the Volcano and the Crafty, comes a variation on one of their old classics, the Mighty, but now with added features that specializes it for medical marijuana usage. Marijuana legalization has been slow, but luckily there have been quite a few more leaps in the area of medical marijuana, which thousands of people throughout the world could use to make their day-today lives a little easier. A movement, connected to, but separate from, the recreational users, is gaining more and more ground. Small little discoveries are made everyday, such as the CBD, the direct counterpart to THC, another major component to marijuana, might help reduce the spread of cancer and that smoking marijuana in general might also reduced the effects of tobacco smoke damage on the lungs.

With Storz and Bickel making their first big steps into the medical marijuana game, we can only hope other companies will try to catch up with them and start marketing their products towards the sick and the in need. If as many of the big players support the movement as much as possible, there’s not much hope that it can be stopped. Watch the vaporization market in the next few years because the chances of more medical devices hitting the online stores will probably sky-rocket and if you or someone you know is suffering from an illness that can be helped through medical marijuana, help being readily available for you just got a whole lot easier.


The Importance of Medical Marijuana

Even if it’s not for you, at the end of the day, anyone whose informed about marijuana knows that it is nowhere near as dangerous as some members of the media make it out to be. It’s been proven time and time again that it isn’t even as bad for you as alcohol is, and that is available everywhere. Despite this, we think many would agree that marijuana, like all recreational substances, should be regulated and enjoyed responsibly to prevent people abusing it and potentially hurting themselves and others.

This argument changes however when you talk about marijuana for its medical purposes, of which there are plenty. There are many crippling diseases in the world right now, and though marijuana isn’t an outright cure for any of them, it has been proven to help ease their pain and give people an appetite. In about half of the states in America and in many countries in Europe, marijuana has been made legal for medical purposes. In America, the only reason medical marijuana isn’t a standard practice is because the FDA still hasn’t signed off on it because not enough studies have been done, even though almost all of the studies that have been done are pretty conclusive.

When you think about all of the conditions it can help deal with: Cancer, Alzheimer's, Crohn’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, it makes you wonder why it isn’t more regularly available. It can help people have a life again. It’s why we need to keep the cultural and scientific progress on marijuana moving and it’s why we’re thankful that Storz and Bickel are making the leap.


The Importance of a Medical Marijuana Vaporizer

Enter the new medical Mighty by Storz and Bickel, the first vaporizer to be given a medical certificate. Vaporizers are an important leap in marijuana technology but taking that leap and giving it medical properties and significance could potentially help the world it if goes on. If initiatives like this catch on globally, regulated marijuana vaporizers could someday leap the medical treatments of some of the incredibly serious and debilitating diseases we’ve already talked about.

The vaporizer itself isn’t anything special. It’s not that it adds much to the medical benefit. That all comes from the strain of weed that is prescribed, but moreover it is about the spirit of the device. A lot of the extras that comes with the medical version just make it easier to load and manage so if you’re struggling with some kind of condition you still may be able to load the device yourself. It’s no surprise that the Mighty was the first of these vapes to be selected. It’s always been praised for its ease of use and it’s smooth vapour  so we’re glad to see it selected for the first certificate.


The Mighty

The Mighty

The Mighty is one of the most well loved and well known vaporizers for its amazing taste, smoothness and density when it comes to the smoke. It’s not known as one of the most discreet or the most portable vaporizers out there. In fact, it outright looks like a piece of machinery from a car, but what it lacks in stealth, it makes up for in sheer horsepower.

One of the things that makes the Mighty so powerful and so efficient is that it combines a mostly convection system with some conduction elements to maximize both the flavour, efficiency and speed of your smoke. The Mighty is considered to be one of the most perfect personal session vaporizers out there. It’s power is matched mostly by its usability. The controls are really simple. Full digital output lets you precisely pick your temperature and the system works off of not just one but two lithium ion batteries so you know it’s going to last you the whole day. What’s more, the chamber of the Mighty is incredibly easy to load and it comes will all the tools you need to make the job easier, like a grinder and filling tool. Cleaning and maintaining the central chamber of the Mighty is also incredibly easy, so if someone is thinking of buying the Mighty for medical purposes, you can almost guarantee it’ll be with them for the next few years of their treatment.

If you’re like me, you never considered the full potential of your favourite vaporizer. The Mighty is known for being amazingly intuitive and usable, but the idea that all those features could be used to help even the sickest people use this vape themselves just to ease their symptoms is great to hear, and we hope this is the first step in a long line of products that start helping the sick who maybe need marijuana the most.

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