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Multi-Million Dollar Deal for New Zealand Company

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Namaste NZ 13/06/2018
For one cannabis company based out of New Zealand, the deal of a lifetime has come along. The Hikurangi Cannabis Company which is based in Ruatoria in the north island of the country has signed a multi-million-dollar deal with Seattle-based company Rhizo Sciences. The deal which is worth around $160 million dollars will create huge knock-on effects. This will be not only a massive success for the New Zealand company but will also be a massive boost to the area. Over the last number of years, Ruatoria has had to deal with vast unemployment and a lack of high-value products that they could export. Naturally, the local community have needed something like this move to build back up their community's self-esteem.   

New Laws, New Opportunities 

It seems that we now live in an age where year after year the demand for high-quality CBD and cannabis products increases exponentially. It has been likened to the Gold Rush's of eras gone-by. With any rush though comes the possibility of those looking to make a quick buck from the uninformed and over-eager. Not so with Hikurangi Cannabis, they are in an opportune position to deliver world-class, high quality yield of cannabis.  
The deal of course isn't set in stone yet and there are some legal walls to climb. But this is naturally when dealing with huge amounts of money. Everyone needs to be assured on both sides that this is the best move overall. What is known though is that if the deal does go through without a hitch, the Ruatoria company will be making around 3,000 kilograms of medical marijuana for Rhizo Sciences.  
That's a hefty amount of cannabis. And with new laws coming into effect in New Zealand for the production and sale of medicinal cannabis the way is paved even smoother for the deal. The bill which is the Misuse of Drugs (Medicinal Cannabis) Bill would also mean that CBD (cannabidiol) is no longer classed as a controlled substance


Hikurangi Cannabis Company – Who They? 

The company based out of Ruatoria is a leading researcher and enterprise in the field of cannabis. They work with medical researchers, as well as expert plant breeders and extraction engineers from around the world. With so many sub-par CBD and cannabis products being pumped out into the world these days it's a breath of fresh air to see a company so clearly dedicated to quality that's doing so well.  
Manu Caddie, the Hikurangi Cannabis Managing Director, has mentioned how the region of Ruatoria has faced tough economic conditions in recent years with unemployment levels skyrocketing. Some of the highest rates of unemployment are in this area that is predominantly Māori. It is also the third largest population size in the area. Coupled with that there are few if any products, like cannabis, that could bring such a fantastic amount of revenue to the area.  


A Win for America Too 

Of course, it shouldn't be viewed as New Zealand is the only one to gain here. Rhizo Sciences, the Seattle company on the other end of the deal, have a lot to gain from establishing and maintaining a connection with an outfit like HikurangiRhizo Sciences are a company with nearly a decade of experience in the cultivation, extraction, manufacturing, and distribution of medical-grade cannabis in the United StatesIt's not too difficult to see why this would be such a boon to the medical marijuana community in North America. There are many marijuana patients in the U.S. who rely on high-grade cannabis to help deal with their symptoms. This kind of deal assures consumers that their needs will be met in future.  

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