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NamasteVapes™ New Years Blog Vaporizer Recap

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Abrar Odoo 30/12/2015

pax 2 NamasteVapes™ New Years Blog Vaporizer Recap


Been a bit of time since our last Blog so we thought we would fit one in right before the New Year!

2015 was an interesting time for the Vaporizer industry. We have seen products like the Crafty and Mighty come off the presses and take the number 1 spot for Vaporizer Sales on NamasteVapes™. For the first time we have seen a vaporizer outsell PAX. Storz and Bickel also offers amazing customer service and truly cares about customers.

We also saw products like the Vapir Prima come out which had had some good press but unfortunately sales have not really taken off on our sites yet. We have also seen the Portable Vaporizer market outsell the Desktop Vaporizer market 6 to 1 compared to 2 to 1 in years prior. 

Magic Flight also worked on bringing out the Maud-Dib internationally though NamasteVapes™ and we have really seen sales start picking up internationally on this product. It is very interesting to see the market gravitating to concentrates and waxes instead of dry products.Magic Flight Maud Dib Vaporizer

NamasteVapes™ is proud to say in 2015 it launched over 20 of its own products, which was not easy but have been very happy with the feedback and positive vibe around it's own products in the industry.

NamasteVapes™ in 2016 will keep working as hard as it can for it's customers, keep launching new products, continue to bring the latest products around the World and continue to offer the best prices possible. We want you to know we appreciate all the support in 2015 and look forward to taking care of your needs in the future.

Have a safe New Years and we look forward to getting out a blog each week in the New Year! All the best for 2016 wishing you much happiness and health.

Namaste Sean

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