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New Vape Alert - Introducing the Totem!

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Namaste NZ 08/03/2019

Using dry herb vaporizers has become such a popular trend and the Totem ticks a lot of vape boxes. It uses a hybrid heating system that results in high-quality tasting herbs. The conduction and the convection heating system equals precision cooking. The Totem has a fun stack-able feature. But, what sets it apart is that it is inter-connectable - i.e. two or more chambers can be connected doubling the size and the power, and the ‘blow-back’ is phenomenal.

On-the-go Vape

The Totem is a sturdy beast that can withstand wear and tear. It is resilient, making it ideal for anyone on the go. It is ideal for the outdoor pursuit warrior, the hiker, the farmer, the out on the boat for a spot of fishing guy/gal - if you fit that profile this is the vape for you. Shockproof and a robust companion, chuck it in your pocket or bag - built to last the Totem boosts battery life up to one hour of continuous use on the highest setting. It is a solid piece of equipment with a body covered in a tough rubberized skin, therefore a good investment.

Totem Vape

At a glance, we love it because it is:

  • Inter-connectable
  • Water Resistant
  • Tough and durable
  • Long lasting
  • Four temperature controls
  • Good battery life

Sharing is caring

Bond with your mates and impress them with the Totem. Introduce them to stack-able chambers. Totem mode allows two or more Totem vaporizers to be connected together to create a hybrid device which allows users to obtain blow-backs. Let the fun begin and get this party started!


How It Works

To load your Totem remove the bottom cap and load your herb into the chamber. Push the bottom cap back on and open the plug for air flow. To turn it on, press and hold the button in for three seconds. The mouthpiece should turn blue to indicate it is heating up to the lowest temperature. Press the button again to change the temperature settings- these will be indicated by changing colors.


Holding the button in for three seconds will turn the Totem off and the recommended charging time is 110 minutes.

What’s in the Box?

1 x Totem Vaporizer

1 x USB Lead

1 x Instruction Manual

Is the Totem Vaporizer for you?

A party vape, a group sharing vape, a sturdy bad-ass vape - it performs under a number of guises. If you are a first time user or more experienced and looking to connect with friends - We would like to introduce you to the Totem. This is one to watch and we reckon the Totem is a serious contender in the vape market for 2019.



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