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New Zealand Medical Cannabis Company get Cultivation License

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Namaste NZ 16/09/2018

Rotorua based company Hikurangi Cannabis has been granted a cultivation license for medicinal Cannabis plants. The license was issued on behalf of the Ministry of Health. This allows Hikurangi the power to breed cannabis strains that could eventually be used for medical purposes.    


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Although cannabis is widely illegal in New Zealand and mandated under the Misuse of Drugs Act, Hikrungi has secured significant investment and now will start their order of business in high tech greenhouses and processing facilities that are yet to be built. The company has also commissioned clinical trials that are set to start next year near the East Coast of Rotorua. These trails will be the first of their kind for New Zealand made cannabis medicine.  

CEO and Co-Founder Manu Caddie tells that they began researching opportunities in the industry two years ago to help kick-start a new economy in the rural area. Without strong local and community support, the company may not have been able to secure a license and so, Caddie expresses her appreciation of the area and extends her reasoning why building the faculties in Rotorua are so important to the business. More than $2.5 million (NZD) was crowdfunded allowing Hikurangi the freedom to negotiate with construction companies, institutional investors and outside investors.



It is all go for Hikurangi. Their core objective is to supply Kiwis with affordable and safe medical cannabis products. They are looking at producing two products; an oral syringe and a body balm/butter. The importation of these products cost well over $1000, Caddie aims to cut that cost in half furthering their commitment to affordable and sustainable cannabis products.    


The implementation of Hikurangi isn’t just a milestone for the town of Rotorua or the company, but for the country. This will impact the States lawmakers, the economy and the communities of New Zealand who so heavily rely on cannabis for medicine. With word of an impending referendum and changes to the medical cannabis bill, that is set to pass – this can only mean great things for the people of NZ.

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