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Solo II - What’s New From Arizers New Best Selling Vape

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Abrar Odoo 26/10/2017

From Arizer, the Canadian company that made the Air and the Solo comes their latest model, the Arizer Solo 2. The hype around this device has been pretty severe in the weeks leading up to it’s release as just about everyone who tried it loved the Solo 1. This new model appears to be all that and more. A sleek, powerful and portable vaporizer with a whole range of features to improve your smoke. The Arizer Solo 2 has been out for a while now and it’s had the chance to be used by vape lovers everywhere. The reviews are in; They’ve knocked it out of the park again.

Solo 2

The Solo 2 is a dramatic improvement on the old Solo. It’s more aesthetic and comes with a greater range of digital controls and an LCD screen. Something the Solo 1 didn’t have. All of this, and they still didn’t skimp on that quality flavour production which is smoother and tastier than ever before. Arizer have been busy recently in the build up to releasing the Solo 2 and now that’s here, just from hearing what people are saying about it, it is living up to the hype.






















So Let’s Talk About The Vape:

Firstly, the body of the Solo is sleek and stylish and machined nicely with polished curves wrapping themselves around the device. It’s so comfortable in your hands and, despite being the same size as the first Solo, the Solo 2 has a certain weightiness to it that lets it feel secure as you’re using it.

Now, let’s talk about the guts of the machine. Those all important inner workings. Well, straight away we can say this vape works off of a dual convection/conduction system. What this means is that you’re getting an increased heating speed and herb efficiency coming from the conduction side, while the convection side will actually add to the taste and draw out a lot more of that THC. it’s a system that not many other vapes get a chance to use because of it’s complexity and its penchant for increasing the vapes price point


It’s Extra’s:

High end vapes like this don’t come around relying on raw power alone and neither does this one. There’s a whole range of little extra’s that make this vape easier to use and manage. Firstly, it comes with screw in, glass stems of different sizes depending on what the vaper might like to try. Glass pathways are a trademark of quality vapes for their cleanliness when handling the smoke. The Solo also comes with a potpourri dish for when you you want to switch up your smoke from just a basic vape to something a little more aromatic.

Solo 2 Accessories | UK

With the built-in LCD screen on the body, you have full digital controls over the temperature as well as control over the session length and sound alerts and more, all of which were not previously available on the Solo 1. Other features to not is the handy battery life and USB compatible charger. Taking only 3 hours to charge a vape that could last you pretty much the whole day is nothing at all and, with the charger, it can be charger from anywhere from a socket to a computer. All this extra power comes from the fact that Arizer have done away with classic alkaline batteries like in previous models, but have instead gone with lithium ion.


The Downsides:

Sadly, the messiah of all vapes has yet to be invented and until that day, all vapes will come with one or two little flaws, and the Arizer Solo 2 is no exception, but they have done a very good job of backing themselves up.

Straight away, the glass stems, though very good at cooling and not flavour tainting the smoke, seem to break very easily, which is obviously problem if you hope to use the Solo 2 at all. Luckily, the Solo 2 comes with spares and even if all of those run out, it’s very easy to buy more stems online for a reasonable price.

With all that heat power built into the vape, the Solo 2 can also become very hot to the touch after a long session, but it usually takes a very long time to get to this stage, so unless your Solo 2 is the central focus of an all night party, it probably won’t get to any uncomfortable level.


What Have Arizer Been Doing Lately:

Since the success of the Solo 2, despite it only coming out, Arizer have been churning out some amazing accessories. For a lot of people, a vaporizer is a commitment purchase since even the cheapest of them still cost quite a bit, so when they find a vape that will last them the next few years, they hang onto it.

In recent weeks, Arizer have been selling some interesting accessories. These include third-party Aroma tubes for connecting other attachments to the Solo 2. Arizer products have often been compatible with other tools and they’ve kept up the trend with these fragrant, ground glass inserts. They’re also selling a range of handy, hard-cover travel bags. The Solo 2 is on the bulkier side of most vapes so if you’re worried about its portability, getting yourself one of these bags will solve that problem easily.

With all of this, We wouldn’t be surprised to see dedicated Solo 2 vapers hitting the streets and the festivals. Arizer have let them customize their experience for themselves, so why would they need anything else.

Since the Arizer only recently came out less than two months ago, no new models have been announced, which makes sense. After thorough research of their social media and other blogs, there’s no hint that they’ve even begun thinking about a new model, so it might be until at least the end of this year until we hear from them again.

In the lead up to the Arizer Solo 2, Arizer recently just established themselves a youtube channel. They don’t have much content on there right now. It’s almost all advertisements for the Solo 2 and handy guides on how to use the vape, but if you’re interested in what Arizer might do next, it might be worth a subscribe to get their latest info first.

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