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Tactics To Supercharge Your Vaping Session

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CSR Team 20/07/2017

Everyone on the New Zealand vaporizer scene knows and loves that vaporizers are incredibly user friendly. They’re practically fool proof and will allow you to enjoy your favorite herb blend with minimum mess and fuss! However vapes aren’t basic pieces of technology, they often come with a whole host of settings and features that can supercharge your vaping session. Let’s have a look at some of the most common ways to improve your vaping experience



Grind your herb

Vaporizers work by using heating elements, either conduction or convection, to heat up the dry herb you pack into their chamber. Unlike combustion this relies works across the surface area of the herb, so the more surface area there is the greater the amount of vapor you’ll get from it. When you’re packing your vaporizer’s chamber you want to ensure that the greatest amount of surface area is exposed. You can ensure this in two ways: Firstly, don’t over pack your chamber, this can block the airflow in convection vaporizers preventing the hot air from vaporising the active ingredients of your dry herb. In conduction vaporizers over packing can result in combustion as too much of your herb is pressed against the heating element too densely.

The second thing you can do is grind your herb. This will break down the nuggets and expose more of it to the heat of the chamber. Generally you want to use your grinder to achieve a fine to medium coarse grind depending on the size of your vaporizers chamber and the heating element it uses.

As a general rule of thumb; coarse grind for convection and fine for conduction.


The greater the surface area the better the vapor quality.

Clean it regularly

Your herb will gradually and naturally release resin over time. The vaping process can accelerate this and eventually you will notice build up on the walls of your units oven and on the air path or whip. This build up will start clogging essential components, blocking air flow, and worst of all tainting the taste of your vape experience.

To combat this every couple of sessions you should give your vaporizer a quick clean. All you need for this is a cleaning solution or rubbing alcohol and a small, soft brush. The solution should wash away any build up and the small brush is perfect for scrubbing away denser bits.

As long as your vape is clean you should enjoy a clean, tasty hit every time.


Use screens

Some vaporizers, especially portable vapes come with small screens that partition the chamber away from the airpath. The function of this is to stop herb and resin being pulled into the airpath when you take a rip. This prevents the delicate airpath from being blocked or tainted with rogue herb!

Over time a screen will clog with resin, making each draw you take more difficult until all your vapor is blocked completely! It’s important to regularly clean them and to have a stock of spares on hand.


Know how to use your temperature settings

Next to the health benefits the second defining feature of vaporizers is their adjustable heating settings that give you an unprecedented level of control over your vaping experience. By manipulating the temperature settings of your vaporizer you can adjust the density of your vapor; with lower temperatures producing a finer vapor and higher temperatures producing a thicker denser vape.
You can also take advantage of the boiling temperatures of the active ingredients contained in your dry herb. This way you can control the high you can get from your vape allowing for more versatility than you could ever hope to get from a bong or blunt.


Know all your extra features

Vaporizers come with a whole host of additional features from vibrating alerts that notify you when your vaporizer is at the optimal temperature to bluetooth apps which allow you to control the settings on your vape with precision accuracy.
Understanding the settings on your vaporizer will guarantee you exemplary vaping experiences as you are taking advantage of myriad different settings available to you. The more control you have, the better you can tailor your vape experience to suit you.

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