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The Best Desktop Vaporizers

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Namaste NZ 30/11/2018

Lets takes a look at the past year and see which desktop vaporizers trumped the market. Apart from the obvious disadvantage of being stationary, desktop vaporizers are a force to be reckoned with.

 Volcano Vape

Why Desktop?

Take a look around, the shops are full of decorations, goodies, advent calendars and Christmas trees are popping up on every corner. It means only one thing, the holidays are here! Usually over as quickly as it comes around, we will soon after be into the New Year and 2019. 

Apart from the obvious disadvantage of being stationary, desktop vaporizers are a force to be reckoned with. Since they’re not constrained by size, shape, weight, or battery life you can usually expect better quality across the board. Basically, they are big, powerful and boisterous convection heaters which provide flavour filled high quality vapor.

The Volcano Digital Vaporizer

The Volcano is and has been for some years running now, the best desktop vaporizer on the market. The original Volcano has been around for over a decade and is still at the top of the charts, you can consider this device the gold standard of desktop vaporizing. But what makes it so great?


Not only is the device extremely well built but it provides its users with excellent, effortless vapor every time and is easy to use. It does take a couple of minutes to heat up, however this vaporizer is in it for the long run. Check out any reviews online and you’ll see that some vape lovers had had a Volcano for 6 plus years and even with daily use, report them working as good as new. Once up to temperature the Volcano runs like a racehorse filling bags with ease in around 30 seconds. It’s versatility means that it can work with dry herbs or extracts and built with efficiency in mind it will conserve your herbs. The large heat exchanger and convection air stream delivers precisely measured and on demand heat so your materials cook only at the temperatures you want, when you want it.


Arizer V Tower Vaporizer

Arizer have made Canadian vaporizers famous all around the world. The V Tower gives you an excellent quality of vapor and won’t hurt your piggy bank quite as much as The Volcano.

A standard whip style device, this vape is 100% convection. It is quick and easy to set your desired temperature on this device with the accurate LED display and single temperature settings which range from 50 to 260 degrees celsius. Impressively, it is one of the highest ranges on the market but we do recommend staying below 235 degrees. Alongside a wide range of temperature settings the V Tower features a high quality ceramic heating element and glass components to ensure the purest quality of vapor.


The Plenty Vaporizer

Okay, so we know we are cheating a little bit with this one and while the Plenty might not be your typical desktop vaporizer it has some pretty cool features. Technically speaking, this device is a handheld but we wouldn’t go as far as to call it a portable. The sturdy piece of equipment is capable of handling bigger sessions and amounts usually associated with desktops.

It can reach temperatures from 130-202 degrees celsius and you can keep an eye on this via the easy to read analogue thermometer. It is suitable for both dry herbs and concentrates with the oven capable of holding around 0.30 grams, which should be more than enough for most people. It is worth noting that the spiral on top, does not only look cool but it has a pretty valuable function of cooling the vapor whilst also creating high levels of vaporization.


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