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The Best Vaporizer Health Benefits - How To Get Them 

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CSR Team 20/07/2017

Vaporizer Health Benefits

Hundreds of people all across the UK herb scene are switching to vaporisers, and with good reason! The vaporizer health benefits!

They’re more efficient with your herb, healthier, and much more subtle than bongs and smoking it dry. Another feature is the exact control you have over the temperature you vaporise your herb at, many units have precise digital interfaces or phone apps that let you control your temperature to the very degree.

Many newbies to the UK vaporizer scene may wonder why you need to control the temperature so exactly, vapor’s vapour right? Wrong!

Your vaporizer gives you all these options for a reason and understanding why your vaporizer’s temperature matters could have massive benefits for your health!

No More Harsh Smoke

Vaporizers heat up your herb until it releases vapor, no suprises there, it’s all in the name! This is why many people in the UK vaporizer scene got started as vaping doesn’t subject your lungs to any of the harsh smoke or carcinogens released when you burn herb. This has clear benefits to those who maybe suffer from asthma or other respiratory problems!

Customise The Effects Of Your Vape

A vaporizer work by taking advantage of the different boiling points of the active ingredients in your herb, and careful use means that you can actually customise your high! So for all of you new to the UK vaporizer scene we’ve compiled this handy piece that demystifies the temperature settings of your vape and lets you know how to activate the chemical you want!

157 °C/ 314°F - THC - Pain Relief And Euphoria

This is the ubiquitous cannabinoid, we’ve all heard of this no matter how new to the scene we are. It has analgesic effects to relieve pain, and euphoric effects for that high we all know and love. This setting is great for alleviating pain while reducing anxiety, bear in mind though for some users THC can induce paranoia. 

175°C/ 347°F - Delta 8 THC- Antinausea

This chemical is very similar to THC but it produces an antinausea effect.

180°C/ 356°F - CBD - Anticonvulsant, Antipsychotic, and doesn’t induce a high

This is the active ingredient that is best for those looking for the medicinal benefits of herb. It has a huge range of medical uses; it prevents convulsions, acts as an antipsychotic, and of course it also stimulates the user's appetite. It also counteracts any feeling of paranoia induced by THC and prevents a psychoactive high.

185°C/ 365°F - CBN- Sedative Effect

CBN is often found in small amounts but your vape can be used to extract all of it. It is associated with sedative effects.

220°C/ 428°F - CBN- Anti-Inflammatory

This active ingredient has anti-inflammatory and antiviral effects, and it may have some antifungal properties, too. It is also thought to enhance the painkiller effects of herb.

220°C/ 428°F - THCV

THCV seems to moderate the effects of THC but the results of the research are still in dispute. Be careful when attempting to extract this chemical as the temperature is very close to the flashpoint for dry herb and can cause combustion!

230°C/ 446°F - Combustion!

If your weed combusts then you’re losing the benefits of vaping and subjecting your lungs to harsh smoke, you might as well smoke a blunt at this point. Be very careful when you’re vaping close to combustion temperatures and always keep the dryness of your herb in mind!

Tips To Get The Best Health Benefits Out Of Your Vape

Be sure to grind your herb down, as this increases the surface area of it and helps release a more even vapour.

Be sure not to overload your chamber as this can restrict airflow and increase the risk of combustion.

Make sure that your vape is regularly cleaned as over time resin can build up and restrict the air passage; affecting the quality of the vapour and increasing the risk of combustion.

Take long, slow draws to ensure that the vapor is sufficiently dense and to reduce the risk of herb particles being sucked into the airway.

Keep your mouthpiece clean, over time saliva from your lips can build up. This can be the perfect culture for bacteria so make sure to give it a wipe or swap it out frequently.


Vaping is the healthiest way to benefit from the many active ingredients of herb. You can get the exact effect you want and all without risking your lungs. For a full range of precise, high quality vapes check out our New Zealand webstore here!  

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