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Best ways to celebrate being single this Valentine's Day

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Namaste NZ 07/02/2019

We, at Namaste preach the gospel of self love, and what better way to celebrate being single this Valentine’s day than organizing an amazing solo date for yourself? Whether it’s gorging on your favourite munchies or vaping in the bath, we’ve got you covered with our definitive list of the best ways to enjoy Valentine’s as a singleton. 

Dinner for one?

Dinner for one valentine's day

Whoever said that dining alone was depressing, was terribly mistaken. In our humble opinion one’s company, two’s a crowd - and cooking for yourself without having to share your food with ANYONE is truly one of life’s purest luxuries. This Valentine’s, fire up your vape, pour yourself a drink, and spend a relaxing evening in the kitchen cooking your favourite meal without having to worry about catering to anyone else’s tastes or dietary needs.

If you couldn’t be bothered with all that washing up, order in! Get anchovies on your pizza, stuff your face with onion rings and load up on garlic naan without having to worry about kissing anyone. Top tip: order some extra appetizers to pick at later on during a nice long (solo) vape session.

Vape in the bath

Vape in the bath

Soaking in a long, luxurious bath is one of the best ways to unwind and enjoy some time to yourself this Valentine’s day. In fact, beyond childhood, having a bath should always be a strictly solitary activity. Sharing a bath with your significant other is wildly overrated - even if you’ve splashed out on a giant tub, you’ll inevitably end up getting kicked in your nether regions and someone will end up having to sit with the taps jammed into their back. Hardly a recipe for relaxing romance now is it?

Drawing the perfect bath comes down to a delicate but essential balance of many elements. Firstly, make sure it’s piping hot (without scalding your toes) and that you have plenty of hot water for top ups. Secondly, upgrade your solo spa session by investing in some calming lavender or invigorating eucalyptus bubble bath soak to ease sore muscles. Even better, hang a bundle of eucalyptus leaves tied with twine from your shower head for a spa experience every day! For the fervent instagrammers, pick up the prettiest bath bomb you can find for #bathgoals.

Take your home spa to the next level by vaping some calming herb for full body relaxation. Extreme Q owners can easily turn their desktop vape into an aromatherapy device with the included aromatherapy plate.

Movie-vape-sesh and chill

TV on valentines day

It’s 2019, and if the top streaming series tell us anything right now is that looking for a relationship is hard - and dangerous. From the resurgence of the true-crime serial killer genre, to Penn Badgely as the creepiest “nice guy” villain in You - who in their right mind would risk dating when even the most charming, good looking people could turn out to be a psychopath?

Instead of desperately swiping through dating apps looking for anyone to spend Valentine’s with (who knows what kind of weirdos you’ll end up with), fire up your vape and invite your fellow single friends around for a horror movie session! Whip together some of your favourite movie snacks like popcorn and nachos to curb your munchies, and who knows - you never know who you might get cosy with hiding from the gore behind a pillow.

If horror movies are too much when you're on that vape buzz, here's a game for you and your friends - Challenge - Find a YouTube video called 'Try not to laugh' first person to break the rule has to make the snacks. Trust us - This game is awesome!

Treat yourself!

Vaping New Zealand

In a holiday that revolves entirely around pressuring people to show their love through tacky gifts, treating yourself as a singleton on Valentine’s is an act of RADICAL SELF LOVE. In the wise words of Parks & Rec’s Donna Meagle, treat yo’ self!

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