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The Da Vinci IQ Vaporizer: The Most Stylish Vape of All Time

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Namaste NZ 26/08/2018

Davinci IQ vaporizer

Optimize Your Vaping Experience with "The DaVinci IQ"

Vaporizers are a fantastic innovation but some of them don't look so good. They range from things that look like bog standard e-cigs to something that makes you look like you're getting overly intimate with a USB drive. 

Vapes don't come cheap, and they're often packed with high end technology, heating systems, and sensors; so why can't they go the extra mile and have something that looks good in the palm of your hand. DaVinci know what's up; they've made one of the best looking vapes on the market; The DaVinci IQ. 


Trends are often led by trend setters (funny that), and whether you like them or loath them, Apple are the biggest trend setters in the tech world. Thanks to them, clean, simple designs have become the most sought after aesthetic when it comes to consumer electronics. The days of clutter, buttons, switches, attachments, and other gubbins are long over. 

DaVinci have more than lived up to this ideal. The DaVinci IQ is a sleek and minimalist device that has a smooth metallic finish and discreet controls. When it comes to the actual display, DaVinci has an incredible and unique solution. It has a matrix of LED dots that light up in sequence to display your battery life and chamber heat. If you don't want your vape glowing in your hand you can engage your stealth mode and switch the lights off for a more discreet vape. 

High Quality Ceramic Chamber 

The IQ’s heating chamber is built from high quality ceramic, a smooth and futuristic substance. On top of this its incredibly well engineered, making it simple to pack and clean. The chamber is designed to be easy to load with your favorite herb blend (make sure to grind your herbThis increases the surface area and provides better vapor). The DaVinci IQ uses 360-degree conduction heating that heats as much of your herb as possible.  

Thanks to the conduction heating elements the heat up time of the chamber is a super-fast 16 seconds and comes with a hap-tic vibrating alert that will allow you to know when your vape is ready. The ceramic zirconia vapor path makes sure that your vapor won’t be tainted by any poisons or gross plastic tastes 

Over all, the DaVinci IQ is a fabulous vape that fuses form and function into a fabulous package. You can be sure that you'll always look cool with a DaVinci vape. 

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