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This Father’s Day, Give Him The Gift Of A Smooth Vape

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CSR Team 29/08/2017
Father'sDay Gift Guide - Namastevapes

Who's your Daddy?

Marijuana is a lot like a Dad. The benefits of having it, or him, in your life greatly outweigh the negatives. Father’s day is almost here, so it’s time to start thinking of him as well and, with even more great leaps in the smoking culture having happened this year, it might be time to bring him back into the fold.

Maybe you’re aware of it, and maybe your not, but there’s a chance that your father was once a big smoker. Growing up in either the 60’s or the 70’s, it would have been impossible for him to not have been exposed to it at some point. Since then he’s had you, so we can only assume his priorities have shifted. Maybe he doesn’t smoke as much anymore? If that’s the case, then he might be surprised to see all of the massive changes that have been made in the world of smoking, but more importantly, the world of vaporizers.

The only question is, what kind of a dad have you?

“Action-Man” Dad

Hands on. Always on the move. For the dad who likes to live on the wild side and needs a vaporizer that can keep up. He’s been your role model your whole life and you’ve based your entire work ethic around watching him. The “Action-Man” Dad is going to need a vaporizer that’s sturdy more than anything else. Something he can take on the move and use just as easily if he were hiking up a mountain or spending a weekend paintballing but also something you can guarantee won’t break halfway through his busy schedule. What we’ve lined up for this dad is a number of rustic, wooden gems that will stand the test of time.

Magic Flight Launch Box - NamasteVapes New Zealand

Magic Flight Launch Box

Magic Flight’s trademark product, the Launch Box, might not seem to match up with the Action Man’s lifestyle at first, but when you actually consider the quality and the rustic style of the Launch Box, you’d realize he’d have almost nothing else. It’s so small and so portable and represents the very beginning of the vaping culture. Each one is handcrafted in San Diego for the utmost attention to detail and since the “Action-Man” is a man about the world, he’d probably really appreciate one.

$214.95 $198.95 - You save 7%!

Sticky Brick Vaporizer- NamasteVapes New Zealand

Sticky Brick

A lot bigger than the Magic Flight but still portable, amazingly sturdy and can become very compact for hide-away travel. The Sticky Brick by Sticky Labs is their amazing, modular, wood-crafted vaporizer that operates on convection heat for a fantastic taste. The modular design means the chamber, the mouthpiece and the airway path are all separate and click together very satisfyingly with strong magnets. This vaporizer’ wooden body will age just as finely as your Dad as it lasts through the years.

$249.95 $239.95 - You save 4%!

“Crafty” Dad

All work and no play. A real man about the house who's always busy, always tinkering with things and getting done what needs to be done. This Dad managed to find the time for work, you and being your houses’ handyman, and you’re not really sure how he managed to do it. You’re older now, which means he’s older now and maybe it’s time for him to rest a little if you can get him to. That’s why a vaporizer might just be the perfect gift for him this year. Something that he can sit down and enjoy with you or, if you really can’t keep him down, something that also works well on the go.

Crafty Vaporizer- NamasteVapes New Zealand


Come on, we all saw this coming. The dad is named after this little piece. Yes, the Crafty, a MUCH more portable version of the Mighty would be this dads go to vape. He doesn’t leave the house much, too busy working on things, so this vape is perfect for just moving around the house. The Crafty embodies everything about the Mighty, but is just more compact. It still works off of that fantastic Hybrid system that the Mighty is known for and uses the same kind of Lithium Ion batteries that will ensure this vape lasts all day.

$549.95 $460.00 - You save 16%!

Boundless CF Vaporizer - NamasteVapes New Zealand

Boundless CF

The CF by Boundless is an impressive but affordable portable vaporizer that really exudes the power it's built behind. It’s great to use, fits right in your hand and has a good bit of weight to it so you can really feel it working.  The CF works off of a hybrid system of both convection and conduction so you know you’re getting the best vapour you can with this unit. Your draws will be so smooth and so delicious and the vape can be modified to work with either dry herbs of waxes so your Dad can smoke it the way he likes.

$219.95 $199.95 - You save 9%!

“Young At Heart” Dad

Does your dad treat your friends like his friends? Does he try to stay “With It” but messes it up by using outdated lingo like “With It”? The “Young At Heart” dad has never quite accepted that he’s gotten older and so tries to recapture his youth through you. Not that you mind, most of the time, because he really is a great dad and you want to get him something special. Only the biggest and most popular vapes will do for this Dad. Not stealth, but power and maybe even something he can brag about with the guys.

Mighty Vaporizer - NamasteVapes New Zealand


The older brother to the Crafty and one of the most beloved units currently on the market, The Mighty is a powerful beast of a machine, sporting convection heating for taste and efficiency with some elements of conduction to maximise the heating time. The Mighty doesn’t bother with being sleek or aesthetic. It looks more like it should be under the hood of a car rather than on your lips and always makes a statement. Buy this for your Dad and there’s no way he wouldn’t feel like the coolest smoker around.

$599.95 $535.00 - You save 30%!

Pax 3 Vaporizer - NamasteVapes New Zealand

Pax 3

Another top quality, high-end model that he can show off to anyone he gets the chance to. The Pax 2 was once called the Apple of vaporizers and with this newer model, Pax 3 solidified themselves as market changing engineers. The Pax 3 has one of the simplest and sleekest designs we’ve ever seen, but it’s not just the aesthetics that drive people crazy for this vape. With a heating time of about 15 seconds, full colour LED readout and smartphone app tied to its performance, the Pax 3 is one of the most in demand items on the market today. The Pax 3, of course, is also compatible with either dry herbs of concentrates for your own personal choice.

$405.00 $384.95 - You save 23%!

“Never Left The Rave” Dad

This Dad's the most immature out of the lot. He’s never really stopped partying since he was 19 years old and his spirit has never really caught up with his age. Maybe he just left a piece of his soul back in ibiza or tehuana and longs to get it back one day, but for right now, he’s trying to recapture that which has left him for the past few decades. Hell, he might even have more of an active social life than you, though might get a few more strange looks along the way. Either way, he loves loving life and he needs a vaporizer to match his intrigue and passion, and for that reason a well built, but moreover innovative model with the ability to be passed around is key.

Firefly 2 Vaporizer - NamasteVapes New Zealand

Firefly 2

The Firefly 2 is a brilliant model that holds a special place in the hearts of many. The first of these reasons is because it operates off of a manual system. Simply hold down the buttons on the side of the vape and it’ll begin to heat up and you can start taking your draw. Very easy to understand, very difficult to master. This is the kind of vape your raving dad will play with for hours, perfecting his draw and trust me, when he finally finds what’s right for him, he’ll love it. Apart from that, the Firefly 2 is just an all round great party vape with an interesting design and a quick heat up time.

$519.95 $454.95 - You save 12%!

Boundless CFC Vaporizer - NamasteVapes New Zealand

Boundless CFC

This teardrop shaped little beauty is the younger brother of the Boundless CF and works off of a similar system, only is a little more portable, good for an active nightlife, and looks pretty interesting as well. What’s more, since this is another vaporizer that works off of a hybrid system, it’s fast, so your Dad can get his draw when he likes, but also doesn’t skimp on the flavour. Despite being so small that he could take it anywhere, it still works off of fully digital controls so the desired temperature can be achieved in seconds.

ONLY $144.95!

“Sneaky Stoner” Dad

The “Sneaky Stoner” dad has always had one foot still in the 60’s, and you know it all too well. Still a great dad, but every chance he took he’d go and maybe smoke a little something. Never while he was watching you, but you have the faintest memories of every now and then walking by his room and everything smelled just kind of herbal. Anyway, you’re older now and under no illusions so you know exactly what it was he was doing and you have to admit, it was pretty cool looking back. Take the chance now to bond over something like a good, lifetime vaporizer and make his whole day.

Volcano Digital Vaporizer - NamasteVapes New Zealand


The legendary Volcano, one of the leading desktop vaporizers on the market right now. Now that you’re older, the sneaky stoner dad doesn’t have to be quite so sneaky anymore, so he can afford to cut loose. The Volcano is the ultimate in session vaporizing, producing some of the thickest smoke clouds that any machine on the market can make. Give it to him, complete with the vaping bags the device, watch him inflate one up and he’ll have a great time with it.

$899.95 $795.00 - You save 11%!

DaVinci IQ Vaporizer - NamasteVapes New Zealand

DaVinci IQ

Made by the market leading people at DaVinci, the IQ is their latest and most intelligent model yet. DaVinci are used to making big leaps with their technology, and it’s great to see their keeping up the trend with this sleek, discreet model. Straight away, what you’re going to notice about the DaVinci is its brail style read-out display which is a beautiful alternative to the classic LCD screen. Inside the machine however, the IQ now comes with a “flavor chamber” right between the chamber and the pathway. Watch your dad fill this with another kind of herb or just more weed and it will partially cook, lacing his draw with another layer of flavour.

$409.95 $354.95 - You save 29%!

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