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Top 5 Secret Santa Stocking Stuffers

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Namaste NZ 16/12/2018

It’s that time of year again where it’s almost impossible to decide on a present for those nearest and dearest to you let alone those randomers you get from the office Secret Santa. Seriously, what does Tom even want? Well, if you know you’ve got a vaper to buy for but aren’t quite sure where to look here are five solid choices. All of them are under $100 which is probably a bit of stretch for some but if you don’t see what you want here check out our full range on the site.

Stocking fillers

DaVinci IQ Glove ($19.99)

If your vape friend secret Santa is a bit of a fancy pants they may already have the fantastic DaVinci IQ vaporizer. These things are made from the finest materials and are plenty durable but not invincible. That’s why investing in a stylish cover like the DaVinci IQ glove could really increase the longevity of the vaporizer.


Pax 2 & 3 Half Pack Oven Lid ($23.95)

Half pack ovens are great for when you’re running low on dry herb or you just don’t feel like packing your oven to capacity. It’s not always necessary to fill your oven to get a potent high. These half pack oven lids are made from an extremely durable plastic and are super handy to have on the go.



The VGrinder 4 Part ($35.95)

A grinder is a pretty basic piece of kit but a four piece grinder is next level. The VGrinder is not only very functional but it’s also cool to look at. With the extra layers you can really refine your herb grind plus it’s possible to catch the crystals (kief) in the final layer. These crystals are extremely potent and can often be lost with other inferior grinders. Don’t miss out!




DynaVap 2018 “M” Vaporizer ($89.95)

There’s a bit of a price jump between the last product and this one but this is the perfect gift for a family member who loves to vape. Maybe they only have a bigger unit or an extremely small vape, this is a way for them to enter into that middle range of vaporizers. Constructed from medical grade stainless steel it provides robust durability. Added to that it’s super easy to use.


Black Mamba ($95.00)

Okay, this is near a hundred dollars so it’s not exactly a little gift but if you really like this person it might be a solid choice. This is a powerfully built yet compact dry herb vaporizer capable of holding 0.65 grams in its oven. Five heat settings, 20 second warm up time, and a fully battery life of an hour it’s a wonderful vape Christmas present.


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