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Vape Review: Firefly, a Great Vape for Experienced Users

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Namaste NZ 05/09/2014


So far, most of the vapes we've reviewed on the blog have been great entry-level units. While we feel ease of use is an important part of the vaping experience, we know there are some of you who enjoy taking a bit more time to appreciate the subtleties of vaping.




For you more experienced vape users, we have one top recommendation: The Firefly Vaporizer.

What Is It?

The Firefly is a convection-based hand-held vaporizer for use with dry botanical material. Among the portable vape category, it’s one of the slickest, simplest designs, and sports some interesting, innovative design features not found in any other vaporizer to date.

The Good

The Firefly’s just beautiful. Stainless steel and detailed plastic components, striking lines and a nice profile – not to mention the easy customization possible with the different colours of lid available. It charges quickly compared to some other vaporizers, heats almost instantly, and produces some of the best quality vapor we've seen out of a portable unit – when it’s used to its full potential.

The overall design of the Firefly is unique. Rather than simply opening a chamber to place your material in, you remove the entire top of the unit (it’s attached magnetically), revealing both the oven and the vapor path. It also features a custom-made removable battery, which means keeping an extra charge or two around is very easy.


The Not So Good




From a hardware standpoint, the Firefly’s heavier and larger than other units – about three times as heavy as the Pax, for example, which means it’s far from discreet. However, the size of the hardware isn’t what we think will concern most people. This will not be everyone’s favorite vape for one really simple reason; it’s manually controlled.

In order to heat the unit, users must hold down a button on its side – the oven will begin to heat immediately, until it reaches a steady 400 degrees Fahrenheit (about 204 degrees Celsius). There are no temperature displays, and no battery readout.

If you want to get the most out of the Firefly, you’ll need to get used to it. Learn how long you need to hold the power button for your preferred quality of vapor – and how many draws you’ll get from a battery charge before either plugging it in or swapping the battery out for a fresh spare.

Who Should Use It?

Experienced vape users or those willing to get used to controlling their own vapor consumption will get the most out of this unit, hands down. Without battery or heat indicators, there’s a certain level of finesse to making sure your vapor isn't either too weak, or too hot and thick.

Be sure to check out the accessories available for the Firefly Vaporizer – and please do contact us if you have any questions about this or any other unit we offer.

Order your new Firefly vaporizer today and happy vaping!

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