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Vapes in the News! - Vape: the #1 Word of 2014

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Namaste NZ 21/11/2014

Yesterday we were sent this amazing link from one of our customers in NZ after the bought one of our portable Vapes the mighty



Oxford Dictionary names VAPE the 2014 Word of the Year | NamasteVapes

Oxford’s lexicographers keep watch over billions of words every month—from literary novels to academic journals to blogs—and at the end of the year they put their brainy heads together to select a single word that best embodies the zeitgeist. Out of this year’s haze of nominees and debate emerged four little letters.

Oxford’s word of the year for 2014 is vape.

It is truly remarkable to see where we are in the life cycle of vaporizing. When I founded this company I kept thinking to myself, "We're on to something fantastic!" To see an article like this, it is just confirms how exciting the next few years will be. Who would have thought the word VAPE would be the word Oxford chose above all others to add to their dictionary? This shows us that vaporizers are here to stay. We will keep doing our best over here at Namaste Vapes NZ™, providing you with the best customer service, bringing you products from around the World and offering the best prices possible! We will also keep working on updating everyone with interesting vape info!


Namaste Sean

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