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Seamus Hanratty 17/02/2017
In one corner we have a plant that grows naturally straight  from gods green earth, and in the other corner we have a Big Mac Meal, Fries, and Coke- synthetic junk food fired together with all the care of rubbish being thrown into a dumpster.  If you left the Big Mac Meal out in the open air for one year it would look the exact same as it did the first moment you saw it. With fast food the natural laws of science don't  seem to apply. Fast food is pumped full of chemicals and preservatives  to produce a frankenstein dish that even a blue bottle wouldn't touch. Herbal on the other hand derives from the hemp seed- which is a nutritional  powerhouse packed full of omega 3's magnesium, proteins, and dozens of other micronutrients. Even before the  herbal plant is born what you're getting is a nutritional overload into your system.  In warmer climates the hemp seed grows naturally into a plant wherever there is water and clay. Some people like to grow and cultivate the plant in specially designed houses. Once fully formed the plant produces buds, and this is the place where the magic truly happens.  When ignited these buds produce a feeling of exhilaration, relaxation, and calmness in users. The buds themselves are packed full of wholesome goodies such as THC and CBD which can help in a whole host of medical conditions. The  natural benefits are enhanced even further if the herb is put inside vaporizers which virtually eliminates  all carcinogenics.  It has been scientifically  proven that owning a vaporizer will lead to massive health gains. But in spite of all of the benefits that the plant gives to users, the herb is restricted, but at the same time, the consumption of fast food is rampant? In this blog we have a clash between two opponents that are unequal in size and stature- a mismatch. A matchup that is unequal, but bizarrely in spite of one side taking a proverbial beating, we have the referee raising the wrong victory hand time and time again.   



Wherever you're going in life you'll always come across a fast food outlet. Every street corner and every highway seems to be full to the brim with people selling fast food. Admittedly, not all of these fast food outlets are bad, and some do provide a much needed service. But when it comes to some of the bigger chains this is where the industrial scale production of food takes place on a mammoth level. And when food is produced on such a scale this is when the "food" is pumped full of masses of chemicals, sugar, and other nasty preservatives.   


Scientist's have been on record for stating that the sugar inside junk foods are as addictive as many of the major narcotics  on the streets. Renowned Neuroscientist, Joseph Schroder, from Connecticut College, did a test whereby it was discovered that sugar was more addictive than hard narcotics. In the test lab animals where given the option of sugar for a reward or an illegal poison, and each time the animals sided with the narcotic. Further evidence of the dangers of sugar is provided by Dr Serge Ahmed, from the University of Bordeaux France, who discovered that when it comes to the pleasure centres in the brain that sugar is every bit as addictive as the hardest illegal substances on the market.


Any dangers? Well there do I start? The question I should be asking is whether fast food has any benefits considering the many illnesses that these type of foods lead to. Its incredible to think that fast food lovers are gorging on their daily sugar hit like some junkie down a back alley. Except in this case, the junkie wont be wasting away into nothingness, but will be getting bigger and bigger and more obese by the second. It's even more remarkable that its entirely legal to pump food full of such nefarious substances that lead to so many health problems.



Herbal has been gracing the earth since time began- populating the planet with its fresh invigorating smell . During the Egyptian times  it was even said that the Pharos where a lover of the plant- rolling up joints on top of the Pyramids of  Giza.  As far back as historical records go there has always been references to this magnificent green plant. The herb comes jammed packed full of health benefits with the substance said to relief the symptoms of Parkinson's, Seizure's, Chronic Pain, and many more conditions. The herb is even, when taken in moderation, said to relief  anxiety. This relief is said to be particularly prevalent when people take the CBD compound that is found within the herb.


There is a growing body of evidence which seems to suggest that if you use a vaporizer with your herbs that you'll receive massive health gains. Once you start using vaporizers the benefits of herbal will be magnified tenfold. What vapes do is they remove toxins from your herbs resulting in a cleaner healthier experience.  The difference with vaping and igniting your plants is that the vaporizer, through a filtration process,  ensures that you'll only receive the best elements from your plants. There are so many benefits associated with vaping your herbs that it would be impossible to list them all here. But yet, in spite of the advantages of using herbal in many countries the plant is still prohibited, and this, in my view, is a tragedy of epic proportions.


The only real danger I could point out about this mercurial plant is that people should take their time when using it at first. You should always get to know the ins and out. Once you take your time with the herb it will reward you handsomely. Newbies should  only take a few small puffs when beginning as it can take a little while to get to know your limits. But once you do get to know your limits you'll find that the world will be your oyster.


Ok, so the big question is who has won the contest? First of all, I'd like to say that this will not be a rigged contest where an unjust fighter has his hand raised aloft in the ring. The result of this duel isn't even close. The result is a vicious knockout of historic proportions. Of course, there is only one winner and that is the herbal plant! There is simply no comparison when putting these two separate entities into the ring against each other. Your herbs are packed to the rafter with many benefits that can change your life. On the other hand, what benefits does a Big Mac bestow? Gets people fat? Gives them a whole host of health conditions such as heart disease, obesity, cancer, etc? Of course, some ignorant people believe that eating fast food from McDonalds and other fast food outlets is healthier than taking herbal.  But these are the very same people who have become so addicted to junk food that they can barely walk down the street. If anything, Its junk food that  should be banned, and not your herbal!

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