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Vaporizer NZ Market - Where is the New Zealand Vape market now?

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Namaste NZ 12/04/2016

The Vaporizer Market in New Zealand is blowing up. With the immediate health benefits of changing from smoking to a good quality vaporizer such as the Pax and The Firefly undeniable, people are starting to make the transition. 

Unfortunately, vaporizers have been making headlines for all the wrong reasons due to controversial findings regarding their perceived health benefits, however, the high-quality vaporizers available here on our NZ store should not be lumped together with the e-cigarettes and cheap vaporizers in question. Cheap e-juice and shop bought e-cigarettes can contain harmful toxins compared to the dry herb vaporizers on our store, which makes a huge difference.

Reasons why we use a Vaporizer in NZ

  1. Vaporizer NZ PaxIt is easier on your lungs causing less of a harsh effect while still letting you get all the effects. Less harshness means less coughing and a better healthier feeling than smoking.
  2. The effects are still instant. Whether your smoking your herbs or concentrates just like with smoking. With a Vaporizer you can still get the same effect.
  3. It gives more flavor. Vaping does not burn away things like terpenes and other things within herbs that give you that nice flavor.
  4. Vaping results in “meaningful improvements in respiratory function” according to several sources when compared with smoking.
  5. Vaporizing is inconspicuous, unlike with smoking, regardless of whether it is herbs or tobacco. The Vapor disperses much quicker so that smell does not get left behind.

Our Vaporizer Range in New Zealand

Our Vaporizers can be used with CBD Oils, Dry Herbs and all of your favorite concentrates. These are not e-cigarettes. 

All of our best Vaporizers NZ can be found here

Or best selling Desktop Vaporizer NZ is our Volcano

Our best Portable Vaporizer NZ has to be shared among the best New Zealand Vaporizers we have listed here.

In New Zealand the Portable Vaporizer has become one of the hottest new gadgets to hit technology since the Smart Phone. By 2025 the New Zealand Government predict that smoking will be down to only 5%, so get ahead of the curve and grab yourself a Portable Vape from our New Zealand Vaporizer Store.

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