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Vaporizers 2016 | Did the hype keep going? | Namaste

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Abrar Odoo 16/12/2016

2016 was a tumultuous year for vaporizers with some of the most outstanding vapes ever seen hitting the market. It was a year when vaporizing technology hit new heights of excellence. Many new vaporizer designs where spearheaded by the same technology that Nasa used to send man to the Moon.  The exceptional new technology has resulted in these beautiful devices capturing  the publics imagination. People have been left stunned and open mouthed at the sheer quality of the herbal nirvana that have been entering into their bodies.  With the advent of this new technology we shouldn't be surprised at the positive reaction and we shouldn't be surprised about the positive reactions we are bound to see in the future. This year I've had the pleasure of testing  and  reviewing nearly every high tech vape on the circuit and I can safely say that its been quite a ride.




I've gotten high, I've gotten stoned, I've experienced all of the iniquities associated with vaping and life in general.   At one stage I even got so high I kicked my wife out of the martial room replaced her with the  Firefly Vaporizer. No longer was the missus held up on a pedestal, because that pedestal was now reserved for the Firefly 2 Vaporizer. It took a letter from her solicitor threatening  divorce to make me see sense.

I've gotten the munchies, I've gorged on Pizzas, I got so high on extra potent Afghanistan weed that I began hallucinating  and seeing things. At one stage the hallucinations where so bad It was like a scene out of the movie 'dawn of the dead' with  zombies bearing down on me seemingly intent on capturing my PAX Vaporizer. I woke up the next morning, in a field, naked, sleeping on top of  a cow pat, but I had survived the night, but more importantly my PAX Vaporizer had survived.

But sure that's life, we live and we learn. The moral of this story is to take your vape nice and slow. Because when we think of it we don't see a horse winning the grand national by charging out of the blocks like he's in a 100 meter sprint.  Slow and steady wins the race, and the same goes for using vaporizers.




2016 truly was a year where vaporizers moved to the forefront of the publics imagination. The methods for smoking your herbal is beginning to evolve into something more sophisticated and refined. The Vaporizers on the market  offer a sleek, professional, intelligent, and alternative look in comparison to some of the traditional methods.  2016 was the year where smoking blunts and joints suddenly began to look outdated, something old from a  bygone era. In many ways Vaporizers are a bit like a sleeping giant suddenly roaring into life and causing all competition and all previous benchmarks to crumble to the ground.

When you have  Vaporizers of  the quality of the Firefly, The Pax2, The Mighty, and the Da Vinci IQ all on the scene how could traditional methods of smoking your herbal not look outdated? Rolling up  a joint is becoming like a  thing of the past. Smoking a joint instead of  using a vaporizer is like preferring to travel in a horse and cart rather than a Mercedes Benz.  Some people like the old outdated methods, but others like to move with the times and be at the forefront of new era. An era where vaporizers will rule supreme of the herbal landscape.






This year there have many outstanding vaporizers to pick from, and it almost seems cruel to single out one above the other, but this is a job that must be done. We didn't take these decisions lightly and after much deliberation and soul searching we finally came up with  shortlist of 2016's greatest hits. Please note that our vaporizer reviews are carried out by trained professionals who have spent years training in the arts of vaping. We pride ourselves in providing  elite expertise for vapers throughout the world, and helping these vapers pick their way through the minefield of vaporizers. Here are the list of vaporizers that have made our 2016 Vaproizer Hall of Fame.

  • Firefly 2

When you take into account a device like the Firefly 2, you cant but help be impressed by the product. The Firefly has an entirely unique heating system that delivers the cleanest, most nutritious, and most satisfying vape imaginable. The device is fast, its stylish,  and you can customize it to your liking. In truth, in 2016, the Firefly was like a blazing comet sleeking across the night sky, as vapers gazed up in awe at its celestial magnificence. To the producers of the Firefly we salute you, we salute your ingenuity, and we salute your sheer bloody mindedness  to believe that a product of such perfection was possible.  

  • The Pax 2

Another product that not only performed well, but performed astonishingly  well was the Pax2 Vaporizer.  This little beauty really raised the bar to another level altogether.The Pax is an incredibly efficient and powerful vaporizer that takes  your vaping experience to the next level.  The deeper oven allows for a more prolonged and consistent draw. The elongated mouthpiece seems to have an almost telepathic sense as to when your lips are going to be using it.  The battery is strong and durable, and the device comes equipped with superior heating and cooling systems. The surface of the device is made from aluminium and comes equipped with an LED indicator. The overall package that the Pax 2 offers is simply a masterclass in vaporizing.

  • The Mighty Vaporizer

The Mighty Vaporizer more than lives up to its name providing a high quality vapor of sublime quality.  The product is compatible with nearly every vaping substance known to man with dried blends and oils working superbly. The machine utilizes both convection and conduction technology to deliver a  marvellous vape. The heating system is controlled via a two button mechanism which allows you to adjust the settings as you see fit. The dual lithium ion battery is durable and keeps the machine powered for longer than most other alternatives on the market.  Overall, the Mighty is a beautiful product that provides a beautiful overall vaping experience.

  • Da Vinci IQ

The Da Vinci IQ has elevated vaping flavour to another plain with the device using a system which purifies your vape to superior quality.  The IQ's mouthpiece uses a ceramic air path which enhances the flavours to another level altogether. The Smart Path Technology allows you to set 4 separate temp settings and to pick the one that suits your own specific needs.  The Da Vinci IQ is all about the pursuit of the perfect vapour and with the 3 separate functions that the machine combines- the Smart Path mode, Precision mode, and the Booster mode, the pursuit of the perfect vapour has just got that much easier.


Why the Growth?


A reason why vaporizers began to perform so well in 2016 was the new evidence that does seem to suggest that vaporizers are far healthier for you compared to smoking. Studies have shown that vaporizers provide the exact same level of THC but without the toxins that you would be receiving from the more traditional methods.

People have become increasingly aware about the negative side effects of smoking and of the carcinogens involved with tobacco and other products.   These worries are considerably reduced when you begin using vaporizers. Governments are increasingly acknowledging that vaporizers are a far safer alternative to what people might currently be using.

In many countries that have legalized medical herbal, doctors encourage users to vape rather than smoke their herbal. Additionally, governments are beginning to recognize how medicinal herbs can help treat a whole host of ailments, and this recognition has led to a relaxation of laws when it comes to these herbs.  All of these factors, and many more, have created the perfect environment for growth in the vaporizer industry. Additionally,  elite scientists and other entrepreneurs have begun working hand in hand to try and create a machine more stunning than anything ever seen before. These people are dedicated to fine tuning your vaping experience right down to the finest detail and all because they want to provide you with the most gorgeous vaporizers that money can buy.   




IBISWorld, a market research firm, expects sales of medical herbal to skyrocket to nearly 20billion from 4 billion in 2015, and most of this growth is projected to originate from older people who'll seek treatment for a whole host of medical conditions. Other research firms have projected that herbal sales will grow to as much as 35billion by the year 2020, and if more US states begin to legalize the herb well then the potential for growth seems limitless. The immense potential of these machines is further assured because of a younger generation who exclusively dedicate themselves to vaping.  To the younger generation the thoughts of smoking a cigarette or a joint is like something from a black and white 1920s movie. Traditional methods of smoking are slowly becoming a thing of the past, almost ancient and medieval. And with Vapes being at the Zeitgeist of this new era we can expect Vaporizers to not only grow but to explode in popularity in the coming years.  



Overall, I have to say that 2016 was the year when vaporizers  truly began to take off.  It was a year where you could walk down any street in the world and you'd nearly be guaranteed to find someone happily vaping away.  All of a sudden seeing someone vaping has become an everyday thing and all of this is a testament to the massive growth of vaporizers. 2016 was the year when new frontiers have been reached, where the boundaries have been pushed to new levels of excellence, where vaporizers have truly lifted off into orbit.

The citizens of the world seem to have awoken from their slumber and begun to realise the potential which vaporizers have.  People are more knowledgeable about the health benefits, the financial benefits, the social benefits, and a whole host of other benefits. But if you think that 2016 was good, wait until you see  what 2017 will bring, with new boundaries expected to be forged in vaping excellence.



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