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Review: DaVinci Ascent Vaporizer

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Namaste NZ 17/01/2015

In the past, Namaste Nick made some quick video reviews of the most popular vaporizers on the market, but our goal has always been to make some longer videos with more details. Over the past month, Namaste Kory has been working on some new reviews to help those new to vaping. We hope these videos will help those new to vaping find the perfect model for them, and also providing some suggestions and tips to improve and optimize performance. The DaVinci Ascent has been one of our top selling portable vaporizers and Namaste Kory recently reviewed it in detail. Check out the new review and comment or contact us with any questions concerning the Ascent! We'd love to hear from you!

One of the top selling vaporizers, the DaVinci Ascent is a reliable hand-held unit designed for vaping both dried blends and concentrates.

Order your own DaVinci Ascent today or take a check out other popular vaporizers. Thanks for watching!

Video Transcript

Hi everybody, my name is Kory. I'm with the NamasteVapes Team here. Thank you for tuning in for our video today. We'll be doing a review of my personal favorite portable vaporizer - the DaVinci Ascent. We'll do a demonstration with a session using these organic raspberry leaves. We'll talk about the vape; we'll talk about the benefits; the pros and the cons; why I like it so much and we'll get into a little more detail.

The Ascent is very well packaged. The Ascent itself, when you hold it at first, you'll notice it's got a very good weight and it feels solid in your hands. It's got some metal casings on the side. This particular model is the Croc Skin finish, which I really like. The Ascent in general is a really nice design and comes in all different kinds of finishes. The most popular is the Stealth Black, but they also have a Burlwood Finish, Black and White Skulls, and they have started to make custom designs as well.

DaVinci includes some stickers, instructions, a carrying case, a charger / adapter, screens for the chamber, replacement glass stems, and 2 small oil jars for concentrates that you can insert into the ceramic chamber.

The extra screens are good to put in the chamber if you want to avoid having any material coming up the tube or falling out the bottom. Which can happen if you grind your blends a little too fine but I've never needed to use these personally.

The Ascent has an all glass vapor path, so these stems tend to be a little bit fragile so the Ascent is really nice and with every box they include an extra set of the glass stems - there are two pieces too it.

The way the Ascent works is you flip open the bottom hinge, which exposes your ceramic bowl. This is a fully ceramic chamber. Some other vaporizers have a metal chambers, so this in my opinion is great because you get a lot of purity and there's no exposure to plastics or metals.

There are too components of the glass pieces. The bottom piece you can pull out - give it a bit of a tug - this is the bottom part of the stem which goes into the bottom of the Ascent. It has some really small holes that kind of act as screen. When you're using the Ascent, I recommend cleaning this out regularly otherwise it will build up residue and it will reduce air flow and change draw resistance on the vape. The top part of the glass mouthpiece slides in and out - when you're using it you pull it up, you vape, and you can put it back down. There is a nice little metal stir tool that can be used to poke through the holes in the screen, and it's also great for emptying the bowl when you're done using it. It fits back into the top of the vape nicely and compactly.

Before we start out session with the raspberry leaves, I just wanted to show you these glass oil jars. These are small oil jars that have a silicone lid that can be used to fill with your essential oils, concentrates or waxes. The oil jar itself is inserted directly into the heating chamber. Now when you're vaping oils or waxes you typically want to run your vape up to higher temperatures in order to do that, depending on which material you are using. Now there have been some issues with these - poor performance due to reduced airflow - so we primarily recommend the Ascent for dry blends. But they are still very popular and a lot of people do use them.

For this session we have organic raspberry leaves - which you can just pack straight into the chamber. I mentioned before you can also use the screens that come with the Ascent to put over top to prevent your blends from going up into the stem. If they are ground really finely that can happen. Another issue we hear about is blends falling through the grill here at the bottom if they are really too fine. You can also put a screen a screen on the bottom of the chamber as well - you can put one on the bottom and the top if you want. I never really need to.

With a lot of the vaporizers I recommend a full pack of the bowl. It doesn't have to be a tight pack on the Ascent but you do want to fill it up to a good amount - right to the top. After this you just close up the bottom. The 'ON' button is at the top of the vape. You press the 'ON' button and you get your start up screen for the Ascent. For the raspberry leaves I picked a temperature of 200 degrees celicus. In general with vaporizing the temperature you use is really a matter of preference. Typically, for a lot of blends, you'll be vaping around 190 - 200 degrees celicus but again this depends on your preference. If you have the heat up too high you might find the vapor is going to irritate your lungs and you might want to keep it a lower temperature. If at higher temperatures you can use a water tool with this product which is a nice feature.

After the vaporizer is finished heating up, the screen changes from the temperature bar / thermometer to a little bowl showing the vapors being released out of it. Now it's ready to be used. You just pull out your mouthpiece a little bit. With a lot of vaporizers you want to take a long, slow draw. You don't really want to pull too hard on it. A long slow draw allows more time for the air to flow through the blends and create a nice, robust vapor. This isn't a big hitting vaporizer but you get absolute pure flavor and good quality vapor which is very important. One nice feature on the Ascent as well, which would be a whole other tutorial - you can actually set different temperature presets. So as your using the vaporizer you can have it set to 195 degrees for the first 3 or 4 minutes, you can have it go up to 200 degrees for the next 5 minutes, and then up to 205 or 210 degrees for the next 5 minutes after that. As you use a vaporizer throughout the course of your session, typically you would want to run it up to higher temperatures as you go in order to maximize the efficiency. It's nice that it can actually be programmed into this vaporizer so you can really customize your experience by controlling your vaporizing temperatures over the course of your session.

Another nice thing with the Ascent is you can, depending on where you're from, you can hold down the settings button for about 3 or 4 seconds and it will flip the temperature to Celcius or Fahrenheit.

DaVinci offers a 14mm straight water tool adapter. What you find vaporizing at higher temperatures is that you do get thicker vapor, but in doing so it gets hotter and it might be more irritating to the lungs. How the water tool adapter works is, you pull out the top of the mouthpiece, and you can insert the 14mm adapter. This is a 14mm ground glass connection which makes it compatible with any other 14mm water tool. At NamasteVapes we've developed our own 14mm Glass Water Tool, which is a nice quality borosilicate material. You only need to fill it just a little bit to get that cool water filtration. You have a glass on glass connection with the ground glass of each unit. You can vape out of the top of the water tool which really does cool down the vapor and keeps the nice flavor. We've also developed a 14 to 18mm ground glass adapter which would actually allow you to use this product with any 18mm water tool as well. We have a NamasteVapes 18mm water tool adapter and with this 14 to 18mm adapter you could use this with your Ascent.

We sell the Ascent as a DLX which comes with standard with the Ascent, a 14mm adapter and our water tool. These kits are really popular - people seem to like the ability to use these water tools. We're starting to sell these water adapters for the Arizer Solo and PAX as well.

The Ascent is excellent quality and one of our top selling portable vaporizers. Definitely at the top of my list in terms of premium portable vaporizers. It offers a lot of function in that you can have very accurate temperature control on the unit. The ceramic bowl with an all glass vapor path - lots of benefits there. The battery life on this unit is really good. Anywhere from 50 - 60 minutes of use on a full charge. If you're doing 10 minutes session it will last quite a while. The charge time is a little bit long at about 4 hours. When you get the unit you'll want to plug it in and let it charge up for a good amount of time. But once it is charged up, the batteries do last quite a while. I recommend the accessories - the water tool, the adapter. If you're going to pick up any other accessories I recommend buying spares of the glass parts which are fragile and can easily break. Overall this is an excellent unit. Well-built. Very high quality. A lot of versatility on this unit. Highly recommended.

Thank you for watching today! Please like us on Facebook, subscribe on Youtube. We have another video in store for you next week. Thank you very much. Namaste. Have a wonderful day!

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