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PUFFiT 2 Vaporizer

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Namaste NZ 19/03/2015

Namaste Kory reviews the latest model in the PUFFiT line, the highly portable PUFFiT 2. Major improvements to the design include 75% longer battery life and a new modular build to allow customers to easily replace batteries. The makers of the PUFFiT 2 also ensured that their latest vape is compatible with both blends as well as aromatherapy concentrates and oils, which is quickly becoming a popular NZ Vaporizer.

NamasteVapes carries a wide selection of accessories for PUFFiT Vaporizers if you ever need replacement or extra parts. If you're still not sure what vaporizer is best for you, we have a big NZ Vaporizer collection for portables and you can check out our most popular vaporizers or see more vaporizer Video Reviews on our YouTube page.


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