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What Type Of Portable Vape Is Right For You?

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Abrar Odoo 07/10/2017

The best thing about portable vaporizers is their portability. Naturally enough. There are few things in this life more satisfying that being able to whip out your vape and enjoy herbal goodness wherever you are. Of course not all portable vapes are equally portable. From person to person carrying ability can vary wildly. While some people may leave the house with bags more capable of carrying several sturdy vaporizers others may be clad only in skinny jeans that can just about take a credit card. How do you know which portable vaporizer is the right kind of portable for you? You could roll the dice and just order, wait and see what lands into your post box. Or you could meticulously cross reference the product descriptions with the dimensions of your bag.

Or you could read on and see our breakdown of how portable our portable vaporizers are.

The Haze Dual V3 Vaporizer

Haze Portable Vaporizer

The V3 is a hefty vape indeed, but all of this bulk has function. Its dual chamber set up allows you to load with any blend of herb and concentrate you could possibly want. You can load one chamber with concentrate and one with herb should you fancy a bit of variety during your session. If you’re somewhat of a puritan then you should stick to loading both chamber with herb for an extra long vaping session.

This bulk while functional wont fit into your average pocket, sorry. So this vape is generally best for those of you who tout bags of some description!

The Mighty

Mighty Vaporizer Portable Dry Herb

Storz & Bickel are renown for the sheer quality of their vapor and the sheer size of their vapes. Their flagship vapes, the volcano and volcano digit are monolithic edifices that can take up an entire table top. When they turned their hand towards portable vaporizers they unfortunately were incapable of leaving their heavy duty design philosophy behind.

While the mighty will offer you thick and tasty vapor with its amazing convection heating system, it won't slip easily into your shirt pocket. If you want to carry your mighty with you make sure you have a bag.

The Grizzly Guru

Guru Grizzly Vaporizer Namaste Vapes New Zealand

The Grizzly is the perfect vape to bring hiking. It is sturdy, it has a good battery, and it fits perfectly into your jacket pocket! The Guru has medical grade ceramic heating chambers and an all glass heating chamber which will allow you to enjoy your vapor when you are out and about without having to put up with any nasty after tastes. Though you won’t be able to stick it into your jeans, you will be able to store it in a jacket pocket when you weren’t using it!


Pax 3 Vaporizer Namaste Vapes New Zealand

The PAX is truly compact. This piece will slip easily into any pocket, bag, or under your hat. It is sleek, small, stylish and subtle. This portability doesn’t come at the cost of power. Inside the PAX’s anodized aluminium body there is a high tech heating system that can take on herb concentrates and dry herbs. Coloured LEDs will allow you to see exactly what settings are active on your vaporizer at a glance. Best of all you can bring it anywhere, it’s no bigger than the average smart phone! So if you like to travel light then the PAX is for you.

Knowing what vape suits you is one of the most important factors to consider when you’re purchasing a vape. If you want to have a look for your perfect match then check out our portable vaporizer NZ web store.

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