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Best NZ Influencers to Watch in 2019

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Namaste NZ 20/02/2019

The rise of social media influencers has taken the last few years by storm! Here at NamasteVapes New Zealand we LOVE seeing more and more individuals entering the dry herb influencer space. These people continue to promote sensible use of dry herb consumption (needless to say, they’re big fans of our dry herb vapes and have tried and tested our best ones) Given the recent law passing that will allow Kiwis to access 'herbs' for medicinal purposes, the influencer space will only continue to grow well into 2019 and 2020.

We have a select few favourite influencers who are big fans of NamasteVapes NZ. They produce epic content post after post, they range from CEO's to NZ recording artists to YouTube sensations known across the globe


 Yes that's right, the infamous YouTube sensation is a fan of NamasteVapes NZ. Check out his latest video skit featuring the Mighty Vaporizer. With over half a million subscribers, he is certainly one NZ influencer to watch! 


Dry herb vapes

Next up we have Andrew Francis Tere-Vaeau-O-Papa Marama-Lyon, AKA ‘DON’T FOLLOW SIMBA’. Haven't heard of him yet? Have you been living under a rock?! He is the C.E.O of a popular dry herb based NZ website, and promotes the healthy use and consumption of dried herbs all across New Zealand. 

Mighty Vaporizer NZ

We asked Andrew why he prefers vaping over other methods to which he said ‘Dry herb vapes deliver a clean hit, and allow you to taste the full flavor of the flower. Mine is portable and fits in my pocket, and enables me to medicate discreetly in public. I also have desktop versions that get me higher than most other methods of consumption’. Here he is talking about the handheld Mighty and the desktop Volcano Digital - two of his favorites from NamasteVapes New Zealand.

Just to illustrate how portable this vape is, Simba has pictured his Mighty in different locations around New Zealand - he literally takes it everywhere with him - he wasn't kidding! 

Mighty Collage

You can follow him here:
Website: https://weed.nz/ 


Dry herb vaporizers NZ

Next we have Richie Cattell, a recording artist from Auckland New Zealand, who has worked alongside Bow Wow, Sean Kingston, and J-Kwon to name a few. Best known for his hit chart topping song ‘Be Alright' with Eli Globe. Richie had this to say about the Mighty Vaporizer ‘This handheld vape is so awesome! It fits right in my pocket and I can take it everywhere with me, battery life is insane and it just produces the best flavor from the herb - The Mighty is a must for any dry herb enthusiasts out there!’

You can follow him here:

NamasteVapes NZ are proudly sponsoring their upcoming tour across New Zealand, starting on the 22nd February until the 6th April. Follow them on their social media platforms as they continue to try and test new vaporizers from the best in the business, NamasteVapes New Zealand!

New Zealand Tour


Donell Lewis is a world renowned music producer and recording artist based in New Zealand/ Australia. He's a super talented artist, who much like Simba and Richie, likes to promote the healthy consumption of dried herbs. He just got his hands on a Mighty and he loves it already!

Donell Lewis Music


You can follow him here:

Chur Chur Vapers! 

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