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Why Dosing Capsules A Must For Portable Vapes

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Abrar Odoo 05/10/2017

The best thing about portable vaporizers is their portability (funny that). Being able to enjoy your herb wherever you want whenever you want is a fantastic feature. The portability of vaporizers is all down to their heating systems. The fact that the system extracts the active ingredients from the herb by taking advantage of their boiling points means that there’s no lingering smell like with combustion.

Dousing Capsule Storz & Bickel

Portable vapes can slip perfectly into any jacket or bag, and their sleek subtle design means that you can enjoy a low key vaping experience wherever you want. However there are some restrictions. While as a holistic unit vaporizers are compact and fool-proof. Unfortunately as with all things there is some fine print. If you plan to be out and about for any extended amount of time you will find that you may need to reload your chamber. This is where the trouble can begin to arise.

Carrying herb on your person can be a trial, for one thing you can’t just put it any container if you value its freshness only food-grade containers will do. On top of this herb is constantly exuding resin, which is what gives it that distinctive smell, unless properly stored this smell can taint everything you own, from your fingers to your clothes! After storing it, packing your vape is the biggest hassle of herb; it is advised that you grind your herb for a superior vape experience, so now you have to burden yourself with a grinder. Once your herb is ground down you’ll have to surreptitiously decant it into your unit’s chamber which is no small task.

As you can see keeping your vape fully loaded and ready to go when you’re out and about is a trial indeed. If only there was a solution.

Dousing Capsules

The media savvy of you may have spotted the ever so subtle set up for this heading. Dousing capsules are ingenious little devices that allow you to store pre-packed, pre-ground in hand little containers that slip directly into the heating chamber of your vaporizer. Dousing Capsules allow you to carry around several chamber’s worth of herb so you don’t have to put down your vape when your herb is used up!

You can generally tell when your herb is used up when you start to detect a ‘burnt popcorn’ sort of taste. When you taste this it generally means that all of the active ingredients have been vaporized away from your herb and the leftover organic matter is now slowly being baked! At this point you should switch out your herb, be careful if you’re using Dowsing Capsules, as many of them are made from aluminium, and they can retain the heat of your chamber for some time.

Storz & Bickel have long been on the bleeding edge of vaporizer technology, making a name for themselves with their seminal Volcano and Volcano Digit desktop vapes. They then moved on to the world of portable vaporizers with their top-of-the-line Mighty and Crafty portable vapes. Now they have moved their innovative design philosophy onto Dousing Capsules.

Their aluminium Dousing caps come in packs of 40 for amazing value. You can pack them all and have a ready supply or pack them as you need them. When it comes to transporting them you can buy the Dousing capsule magazine, an innovative circular storage solution that your caps will slip easily into. The magazine will hold your caps safely until you need one, at which point you simply slip it out and pop it into your vape!

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