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Why Should You Buy The Crafty Vaporizer?

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CSR Team 20/07/2017

Storz & Bickel


Storz & Bickel have established a formidable reputation for themselves in the New Zealand vaporizer community. They’re the creators of some of the most wildly popular vaporizers in the English herb scene, producing classics such as the Volcano, Volcano Digit and the Plenty vaporizer. The Crafty , their newest portable vaporizer more than lives up to this pedigree. The Crafty could be the finest vaporizer to hit the New Zealand market in a long time.

Twin Launch

The Crafty was launched along side its sister vaporizer, The Mighty. The twin vapes take two distinct approaches to the art of dry herb vaping. The Mighty is all about size and power, being a much larger unit than its twin. The Crafty is all about adaptability and portability. If you want a portable vape you can bring anywhere, then the Crafty is the one for you! 

Vapor Quality

Storz & Bickel established their dedication to high quality vapor with the Volcano Classic, the Crafty lives up to this standard. Its advanced convection heating system provides a rich, thick and tasty vapor. For even better results you should grind your dry herb. This exposes more of your plant’s surface area to the convection heating system, which creates an even richer vape. Finally when you draw from your vaporizer, ensure that the first few pulls you do are long and slow; this allows the vapor to build up in the air path!

The Convection heating element is also incredibly efficient with your herb, it will slowly heats your herb by blowing hot air across it. This eliminates the risk of combustion that comes with conduction vaporizers. Conduction heating elements put your herb in direct contact with the heating element, sometimes this can cause hot spots to form. These hot spots can lead to combustion which can result in wasted herb and the release of nasty, noxious smoke.


As with all their products, Storz & Bickel didn’t cut any corners when it came to quality construction. The Crafty was built to be discreet and durable. It’s more than capable of standing up the the day to day rigors a portable vape is subjected to. It’s design is understated and stylish, while it might not grab attention it certainly isn’t unattractive, and it certainly won’t let you down.


The Crafty stands apart from all other portable vaporizers as it allows you not only to enjoy herb but oils and waxes too! Thanks to its insertable liquid pad combined with its convection heating you can enjoy herb concentrate oil, honey-like wax, or even e-liquids! This is truly one of the most adaptable and versatile herb vapes on the New Zealand market right now!

Beauty In Simplicity

The Crafty is clever but also simple where it counts. It is operated by a hyper-simple button layout. One button turns it on and also allows you to boost the temperature mid-session by double tapping it. If you want even more control the Crafty is Bluetooth capable and compatible with a smartphone app that will allow you to fine tune your temperature settings and even control the LED lights on your device. It also comes with a massive array of pre-set functions that allows you to maximise your control.

Battery Life Is King

There’s no use having a portable vaporizer that dies on you when you’re far away from any means of charging it. Thankfully the Crafty comes with a powerful lithium Ion battery that will give you hours of battery life that won't let you down mid session! It is USB chargeable so when you do finally run out of power you won't be left in the lurch!

The Crafty is just one of our gigantic range of high quality portable vapes. To see our wide selection click over to our New Zealand web store! Happy shopping!

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