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Why Should You Try A Butane Vaporizer?

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Abrar Odoo 14/10/2017

Butane Vaporizer

Butane vaporizers are the less well known member of the vaporizer species. In operation, they work with a similar principal to conduction vaporizers, putting the herb into direct contact with the heating element, vaporizing it directly. However rather than using a coil or electric element a tiny amount of butane is ignited under the chamber which will heat up and start to vaporize the herb in its chamber, similar to how a gas oven works.

The NZ vaporizer scene is most familiar with electric vaporizers, be they battery powered portable vapes, or plug-in desktop vapes. They’re the defacto standard for vaporizers. Sometimes, however, people want something a bit different, and who are we to get in the way of that? Butane vapes are the alternative to electric units.

A high quality butane vaporizer fulfills a need that electric vapes can’t measure up to. Most electric models have a somewhat limited life, it’s a limitation of the technology. The average battery life for a portable vape is around 2-3 hours of continuous use. Not much use if you’re forging a path into unexplored lands or, you know, at a festival. In these situations you have two options; either go without your herb, or figure out how to plug your charger into a tree.

We Don't Need Batteries Where We're Going

Butane vapes can work anywhere, and don’t need charging! They are usually very portable and compact. They are made from lightweight, sturdy materials so they won't weigh you down, or let you down when you’re out and about in the wild. Or listening to a band in a field.

Thanks to their heating systems they have a very fast heat up time, the raw fires heats your herb even faster than a conduction vaporizers. Some models come with pre-set heating temperatures, while others allow you to manually adjust the heat of your unit! This gives you a surprising level of control!

When your vape does run out of fuel, you can be sure that it will be easily topped up! Butane tins can be found in any camping or hardware store, so should you run out, you won’t be stranded without herb for long. Don’t worry about the butane tainting the flavor of your vapor, that’s not going to happen. Butane vapes are designed to ensure that the butane chamber doesn’t interact with the herb chamber in any way. Many users find butane vaporizers easier to clean and maintain than their electric counterparts thanks to the lack of fine electrical components.

The flavor of a butane vaporizer is interesting, the heating method gives a subtly different flavour to their electric counterparts. This is because the oven-like design bakes the herb in a way, much like an oven. Some herb enthusiast are massive fans of this flavour!

Hydrobrick Maxx vaporizer by Sticky Brick

The Hydrobrick is a durable and robust vaporizer with an array of handy accessories. It is constructed with an 18mm glass on glass connection which ensure that only the purest vapor is achieved. The body of the Hydrobrick Maxx is made of beautiful hardwood. It is unusual among butane vaporizers in that it uses convection to draw vapor from your herb. It can supply this vapor practically on demand, it’s butane heating system delivering results many times faster than an electric vaporizer ever could. Each Hydrobrick Maxx is cleverly held together using magnets, so you can easily disassemble it and clean it!


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