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Seamus Hanratty 03/02/2017


For many herbal diehards combustion is rapidly becoming part of ancient history.  Traditional methods of smoking your plants are becoming so old and outdated that they are becoming like something from a bygone era, stone age relics from a distant past . The reason for this change is clear to be seen with vaporizers rapidly becoming the must have herbal device of the century. One suspects that in years to come the thoughts of someone rolling up a joint will be met with derision and laughter as the younger generations laugh at the primitive, prehistoric past of their parents.

But with vaporizers coming more and more prevalent in society its not just good enough to own a vaporizer, you'll have to know how to use a vaporizer.  There is no point in you having a top quality vape in your possession and you not having a clue how to operate it!  In particular, if you don't know what temperature your vaporizer should be operating at- as this is one of the crucial features that you'll need to master in order to receive the maximum enjoyment from your plants.  What newbies need to understand is that every vaporizer has their own personal settings that you'll need to adhere to so that you'll receive the maximum benefits. Another big reason why vaporizer temperature is so important is because if you don't vape your plant at the perfect rate you may be more liable to receiving toxins into your bloodstream.

The fact is there is a huge portion of people who own vaporizers because of the health benefits, and if, due to negligence on your part, you're not receiving these benefits well then this is a travesty of the highest order.  One of the pitfalls every vaping enthusiast must try to avoid is combustion, believe me combustion is the devil itself. Once your plants combust you immediately beat the whole idea of purchasing a vaporizer in the first place. In this blog I will attempt to educate you minions on which temperatures work best and which don't. I'll also attempted to guide you in the right direction towards which vaporizers work most effectively with your herbs.



There are a load of reasons why temperature is so important and none more so then for the health reasons. Set your temperature too low and you wont get the buzz that you need. Set the temperature too high and you will burn your plant into oblivion resulting in masses of dirty toxins entering your lungs.  Even the flavour of your vapes can be influenced by the temperature with some more flavourful than others. The good thing is that there have been a number of tests conducted in scientific labs which have been trying to discover what is the optimum temperature for your to receive the maximum benefits from your vapes.


Like I've already alluded to there are many different temperatures that will produce a whole host of different flavours from your vaporizer. At 320F I've discovered that you'll receive a very mellow vape that may or may not suit you. If you're looking for a delicate vape that will give you a nice mellow buzz well then this is a good temperature to start off at. What I would recommend is that if you believe your plants or concentrates are extra potent then you should try vaping them at real low temperatures as this will allow you to test the waters and discover what suits you best. Your vaporizer isn't a precise thing of science and when you factor in that your herbs can vary in strength and potency it can be hard to predict what is the perfect temperature. For example, if your herbs are well ground down into a fine material then your vaporizer may vape them at a far faster rate then it would with more coarser materials. All of these variables need to be taken into consideration when using your vaporizer.


If you're seeking to receive an extra potent high well then you should vape at temperatures as high as 365f. At this temperature your buzz will have a huge amount of extra power that will blast you off into orbit.  You'll find that your brain will be flooded with all of them lovely THC compound's.  I would caution people to only take a few puffs at this level until your mind, body, and brain becomes acquainted to the buzz. For some people who use vaporizers this is the type of buzz that they'll want and this is how far they'll want to go, but for other there is a whole new level out there.


Once you hit temperatures as high s 428f you'll find that you'll be walking on the moon and dancing on the stars, because at this temperature your high is going to be very very powerful. All of the other temperatures allow you a certain kind of buzz but at this level you'll be lying on your back. In all honesty this type of a buzz is only suited for people who want deep pain relief. Of course, you can try it out for yourself, but always be sure to only take small puffs when trying out very strong herbs.


If you use a temperature above 428f this is when combustion usually occurs. Whilst combustion can occur at lower temperatures over 428f is when its nearly inevitable  that your plants will burn. Of course you could risk trying your herbal at such high temperatures, and you may get away with it, but its not something I would recommend. Whilst your vaporizer is good it's not infallible and it does have its limits hence why you should be very cautious when vaping at extremely high temperatures.


In finishing I have say that what temp you vaporizer at all depends on your own personal needs. Some peple like that nice mellow buzz and some others like to be left lying on their back. What you should do is experiment for yourself and find out which vaporizer temperature works best for you. Just because some vaporizer temperature works for me, it doesn't necessarily mean that its going to work for you. When using a vape you should try and stay within the temperature guidelines that I've laid out above. Of course you can deviate from my suggestions, but the problem with this is you begin experiencing combustion. Overall, I feel that you should go ahead and start using that vaporizer, because that's the only real way to find out what works best. So go ahead get that vaporizer out and starting vaping until you find the perfect temperature match for you. 

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