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Why You Should Buy A Convection Vape Today!

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Abrar Odoo 12/10/2017

Vaporizers are fantastic devices, they use heating elements to take advantage of the various boiling points of the active ingredients in herb. They gradually evaporate the ingredients, allowing you to enjoy all of the effects of your herb without any of the toxins, tars, and carcinogens that are released with combustion. This is done in one of two main ways, conduction or convection. Conduction puts the herb indirect contact with the heating element, directly vaporizing it, much like how a kitchen hob works! This has the advantage of a quick heat up time, but unfortunately it has a high risk of combustion if used incorrectly. Combustion is the last thing you want from your vape. Thankfully there’s an alternative, convection!

Portable convection vape

Convection heating elements work by heating the air within the chamber of the vape and allowing it to flow over the herb within. As it flows over the herb it slowly heats it much in the same way a fan oven works. As the temperature rises the active ingredients within gradually evaporate into a thick and even vapor. This takes a little longer than conduction vaporizers, but the vapor quality is unparalleled. It is also eminently efficient, none of your herb is wasted during the vaporization process!

The flavour of the vapor produced during convection is the best you are going to get from a vape. The hot air in the chamber gradually releases vapor, preserving the delicate and distinctive taste of your herb, no other method of vaporization or combustion will give your this taste!

Since a convection vape uses flowing air to heat its herb the draw resistance is very low, so you can have a nice, relaxed session that isn’t akin to sucking a golf ball through a garden hose. Convection units also typically have more advanced and precise controls, which will allow you to take advantage of the boiling points of all of the individual active ingredients in herb. There are a whole array of active ingredients in herb, from THC to CBD, and with a selectable vaping temperature you can chose to ingest some while leaving others with higher boiling points behind!

So now you know why a convection vape is the best option, now which of the convection vaporizers we have is the best option for you?!

Plenty Vaporizer

Plenty Convection Vape

From vape giants Storz & Bickel comes the Plenty Vaporizer. The Plenty is an affordable robust, and efficient portable vape. It’s fantastic convection heating system is furnished with a double helix heat exchanger which ensures efficient air heating and excellent, thick vapor quality. To ensure that your hit is cooled before it enters your lung the plenty features a distinctive coiled air path that helps cool your hit. Its vapor temperatures range from 130 degrees to 202 degrees celsius, to help you keep track of this there is a classy analog temperature gage on the front of the unit.

Vapir NO2 V2 Vape

Convection plant Vaporizer

This excellent convection vape was designed form the ground up to give its user the finest and tastiest vape experience possible. Its design process was informed by the ideas and comments of their customers and fans, and they have not been let down. The Vapir features some of the most user friendly and advanced features found in any vape on the NZ market. It’s also a fully portable vape so you can bring it out and about with you!

The Life Saber Vaporizer

Vape Convection

Resembling the Jedi weapon of choice the Life Sabre is a vaporizer for a more civilised age, not as clumsy or random as a conduction vape. It has one of the smoothest vapor pathways available on the NZ market, featuring a whole host of non-reactive glass components that will ensure that your vapor isn’t tainted by any nasty plastic tastes. The Life Sabre has a ceramic heating element that ensures efficient, even heating and is designed to easily fit into the palm of your hand for extended, relaxing vape sessions. You can get a host of add-on water adapters to cool your vapor for an eminently cool hit.

Flowermate Swift Pro Vaporizer

Dry herb convection

Flowermate are renown in the NZ vaporizer scene for the sheer quality and performance of their vaporizers. The Swift Pro more than lives up to this reputation, it is a full convection vape that won’t let you down. The Flowermate Swift Pro uses the power of its fully heated chamber to evaporate a thick and tasty vapor from your herb. This rules out the risk of combustion and the perils of carcinogens that come with it


For a wider selection of efficient and premium convection vaporizers check out our NZ web store.

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